Shattered Plans

After a lot of hard work, determined bargain hunting, and risky DIY adventures, the apartment was finally coming together! I’d spent the very last of my home improvement allowance, and almost all my goals were met.

It felt so good to have a cohesive space that allowed me to relax instead of cringing at all the elements I wanted to fix and replace. Walking in our front door from the tan and yellowed hallway was like taking a breath of fresh air. Even my husband felt it! He wanted to invite people over for dinner parties/football viewing/fort parties…you name it.

I think he was proud of our home. :) Admittedly, I was too.

Even elements that I once wanted gone entirely, were starting to grow on me as I engineered ways to suit them to our needs.

For instance, our glass-top coffee table was on the list of items that I wanted out when we first moved in. This table was a Craigslist purchase made by my husband, and it came as a package deal with a matching end table (and more importantly to him) an oversized couch and chair (which did not make the Melissa cut).

Here is the table shortly after move-in day:


As you can see, it functions…but it seems to waste a lot of space too.

When our wedding album arrived, I realized that I wanted to display it, but also protect it. Having it on top of the coffee table (where we ate all of our meals) didn’t seem like a good idea AT ALL.

I looked for wood shelves that would rest on the metal frame, and didn’t come up with much. I really wished I had a garage and tools so I could cut and stain my own.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I found some Crate and Barrel slate cheese boards that were the perfect size. They were even 20% off! Plus, we had a 10% registry completion discount, and gift cards. This was a no-brainer.


Source: Crate and Barrel

Long story short, I lugged them home on the subway, they fit, they look great, the hubby loved them, and I managed to engineer a display area for a few items underneath our coffee table for about 40 dollars on a gift card. Win!


 I didn’t feel the need to replace that coffee table at all anymore. It wasn’t a conversation piece, but it worked in our space and it worked well.


One night we were enjoying Thai food from our favorite local spot (Tuk Tuk – if you live in LIC/Astoria you need to try it!). I had my Pad-See-Ew at the coffee table (because everyone knows you don’t eat Thai food at the dinner table!) and when I lifted my foil container to take it to the trash, there was a 5-inch crack in the glass. It reached from the edge of the table to the center of my Thai food.

Seriously??! Just when I ran out of money for updates?!

The only thing I could figure out was that the heat of the Thai food stressed an area of the glass that must have already been weak or chipped, and caused the crack to form.

A few days later I heard a loud pop in the living room. My laptop was sitting on the coffee table (a decent distance from the crack) and the warmth of the computer must have caused the crack to draw even farther across the glass. Ugh.

Now this table was becoming a hazard. I covered the crack with some packing tape to prevent us from cutting ourselves while passing by to sit on the couch, but it was clear that we needed a solution.

The first solution I came up with was replacing the glass. Easy right? Maybe with a car…

Amazon had a few options that looked pretty similar to our piece of glass, but they cost about 150, and we could practically get a new table for that!

So I began the coffee table replacement hunt with the following specifications:

  • Must be small enough for our space with potential nursery in mind (we weren’t pregnant at the time).
  • Allows for a small amount of storage (similar to what I created before).
  • Enough space underneath to allow for sitting at coffee table to eat/play games/blog, etc.
  • Aesthetically in agreement with our current style.
  • Good Quality.
  • Affordable.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Here are all the items I bookmarked during my search:


Source: One Kings Lane – no longer available


Source: Overstock – 269.99


Source: Overstock – 234.99


Source: Crate and Barrel – Dixon Coffee Table – 499.00


Source: Pier1 – Ridgeway Trunk – 399


Source: CB2 – Chevron Coffee Table – 399.00


Source: Crate and Barrel – Tucker Trunk – 499.00


Source: Macy’s – Monterey Coffee Table – 699 (on sale 499)

As you can see I was really struggling to find everything I wanted in one table. We had enough Macy’s credit to cover our whole purchase, which made their items more tempting. We also had over $100 in store credit at Crate and Barrel/CB2 which made the high quality and style of their pieces seem more within reach. The Overstock tables were the most similar to our glass top table, but the reviews weren’t entirely convincing and for 250-300 bucks, I would rather invest in something higher quality that will work for our family for years to come.

After visiting NYC’s Crate and Barrel, Pier 1, West Elm, CB2, and Macy’s locations, I had my favorite coffee table all picked out. Now to convince the hubby.

I chose the option with the most storage, the most wood, the best reviews, and leg room underneath for floor sitting comfort. I also chose a store where we had available store credit.

Now it was time to drag take my husband to the store, so he could form an opinion of his own (though completely clouded by my opinion).

I took him to CB2 first, showing him what our money would buy us there. Then we headed a few blocks west to Crate and Barrel. I showed him our options and he let me know that he could absolutely tell which table was my favorite.

He was right. I loved the Tucker Trunk!!

I thought it was handsome, classy, timeless, had amazing storage, and it wasn’t too big to fit in our space. The catch was the 499 dollar price tag.

I think we had about $185 in store credit, which brought the price down to 314…plus shipping/delivery.

It turned out that the store was having a Memorial Day Sale and we were able to get 15% off, plus discounted delivery if we ordered from the store instead of online! I think delivery ended up being 45 dollars. This rounded out to about 311 dollars with our store credit and discount. Not bad for a 500 dollar piece of solid wood furniture!

Sidenote: Delivery was only $25 if you were in Manhattan. Let me politely remind you, we are ONE subway stop over the river and closer to the store than 2/3 of Manhattan. I’ve dealt with this many times before…I knew to breathe and let it go. But STILL!

We scheduled delivery through Crate and Barrel (who thankfully was familiar with our building delivery policies) and the trunk arrived the next week!


I was worried that the wood top wouldn’t reflect the sunlight as well as the glass table, but as you can see the table makes the room feel just as bright as before!


It has 3 storage compartments and a handsome matching tray inside. Eventually this will hold toys and other baby items, but for now it’s entirely empty…just waiting to be filled with little boy stuff. :)


Source: Crate and Barrel

I couldn’t agree more with all of the positive reviews. This piece is a wonderful addition to our home and I feel confident it will continue to function as a handsome piece in our home for years to come.