DIY Day Dreams: List Update #3

Well, it looks like blogging (and DIYing) is on the back burner right now. I really thought I was back in the swing of things, but my lack of October postings tells me otherwise.

The good news is that Kip is happily soaking up my full attention, and I’m happily showering him with all the kisses, raspberries, and sound effects my lips can create. For now, Motherhood is just a big series of boops, dee-dee-deets, tongue clicks, lip trills and coos for now. No wonder it’s been hard to write – I hardly even speak words anymore!

Admittedly, my posts also slowed because the apartment is pretty much complete (or at least in a livable place, where immediate updates and projects aren’t vital to my personal happiness or inner peace – it was THAT bad for a while there). I already shared all the impressive transformations, and now I’m left with a few minor detail oriented posts and day dreams of doing a few final (non-baby-friendly) projects…when I have more than 36 solid minutes of nap time.

To inspire my creativity and motivation I decided it was time for another to-do list update! Last time we saw THIS LIST was almost exactly a year ago. Although, the projects took place over the past two years, I’m still surprised to see how much I’ve managed to cross of the list!


Items that are crossed-out are completed and blogging details are posted.

Items that are bold are complete, but still need to be blogged about.

Items that are followed by a bold 2016! are at the top of my list for this coming year.

Entire Apartment
Refinish and stain parquet floors
Replace light switch and outlet faceplates
Update all door knobs with oil rubbed bronze knobs.
Add shelves and striped paint to linen closet (nixed).

Remove popcorn ceiling from ductwork near door.
Replace light fixture
Paint back of front door with chalkboard paint
Replace/improve closet doors
Replace closet door hardware
Add welcome mat or runner

Living Room
Remove popcorn ceiling
Add crown molding
Upgrade baseboards
Paint red window casing white
Replace non-functioning blinds
Add window treatment/valance
Replace/improve coffee table
Replace red lamp (and return to Mom)
Add area rug to separate living/dining space
Upgrade HVAC unit
Create desk/office area for filing and printer
Add swag light over table/eating area
Add chair for reading corner
Add bookshelves for storage
Add bar area for all our wedding liquor

Cover hideous floor with sticky floor tiles
Upgrade refrigerator to stainless steel
Upgrade builder grade sink
Add garbage disposal – 2016!
Add backsplash – 2016!
Update countertop (It’s my birthday present!!) – 2016!
Paint cabinets (Rustoleum Kit?)
Install microwave/vent over stove
Remove/cover-up popcorn ceiling
Change out cabinet hardware
Update overhead light fixture –  “re-updated” but failed. 
Add under cabinet lighting – 2016!
Add floating shelf above stove – 2016!
Open up kitchen to living room by removing partial wall. (nixed)
Decorate blue wall (add artwork/shelves)

Remove popcorn ceiling
Add crown molding
Upgrade baseboards
Replace/paint closet doors – high priority, but daunting!
Replace closet door hardware
Paint red window casing white
Replace leaking HVAC unit – perhaps? 2015?
Upgrade blinds
Add window treatments
Add rug under bed
Add headboard/bed frame/dust ruffle
Add artwork
Replace/improve hubby’s dresser

Remove popcorn ceiling
Paint walls to make tile blend with rest of room
Upgrade shower curtain rod to oil rubbed bronze
Upgrade sink hardware to oil rubbed bronze
Upgrade toilet flush to oil rubbed bronze
Replace/improve Mirror cabinet/Hollywood light fixture – 2016!
Touch up bathtub with Porcelain paint.
Switch door swing direction for additional bathroom storage space 
Add cabinet opposite toilet for additional storage
Add cute bath mat
Add hooks and art
Update with vanity for more counter space
Get a new toilet seat and lid – 2016!

Create nursery in Living Room
Paint Desk for Changing Table
Add Bookshelves
Reupholster and Repair Recliner
Add/Create Baby Closet
Replace Broken Blinds
Add Curtains/Window Treatment
Purchase Rug
Add Artwork/Wall Decor
Creatively store baby necessities
Add Roman Shades to Temporary Wall Glass panels/doors
Make everything miraculously fit!
Figure out how to make the living room blend with the nursery


WAY in the Future:

Redesign bathroom: new tile, new shower, new everything
Move kitchen stove away from corner and fridge to opposite corner of kitchen
Open up kitchen, by removing cabinets/wall above peek through
Replace countertops – 2016!
Replace parquet floors with new hardwoods and level off contours of floor
Replace bedroom and bathroom doors with higher quality wooden doors and casings
Find a way to have a nursery in this apartment 


Things I can’t wait to start working on in 2016! (A sadly, similar list to last year)

Add under cabinet lighting to improve cooking conditions
Add garbage disposal
Update countertop with Quartz ASAP
Add floating shelf above stove
Replace bedroom closet doors
Improve Mirror cabinet/Hollywood light fixture
Get a new toilet seat and lid

So, the grand finale of “can’t wait” items ends with my dreams of a new toilet seat. Of course, I could have moved things around a little bit, but it made me giggle and reformatting the list would take another 5 minutes that I could spend with my giggly boy. I’m not ashamed to say my priorities have changed.

Now let’s get this nap time started and iced coffee number 2 down the hatch!