For the Record

I’ve been working so hard to get back to blogging lately. My creative juices are about to burst. Although I’m desperately craving the outlet this blog provides, unfortunately DIY projects with a baby aren’t a feasible possibility yet – though you better believe I googled DIY projects to do with your newborn when he was 4 weeks old.

While dreaming up my next big project (there isn’t much else to do while holding a sleeping angel in your lap), I realized that I had quite the stockpile of blog posts that got skipped over in my haste to brag share about the nursery.

Admittedly, there are good reasons that I chose to skip over many of these projects, but since I won’t really be able to deliver new material for a while, I figure might as well cover the stuff that’s already done.

Posts probably won’t be as lengthy for a little while – I’m working during 30 minute naps – and they might not be quite as well written or grammatically sound, but it’s a start!

One area of the apartment that has been seriously ignored (and avoided) is our bland brown bathroom wall. My first bathroom post “The Bathroom is a Bore” effectively described my feelings for this room. Blech.

I felt bad for my husband and guests who just have this horrid brown/tan wall to stare at while doing their business. Gross, but true. I’d be ignoring the elephant in the room if I didn’t say so!

Shortly after writing the original post, I attempted my first fix. I decided to add a few frames and hooks for interest. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes:

  1. I chose warm wood frames hoping to cozy up the space…but in reality I only added more brown.
  2. I needed colorful images to brighten up the space, so I included a photo of us at our rehearsal dinner.
    1. No one wants to look at a wedding photo while going to the bathroom. No one.
  3. The wall was so big and blank that 3 or 4 small frames weren’t enough to truly create something interesting.
  4. I couldn’t decide whether to hang the frames for interest while standing or sitting? (Not like THAT!)
    1. If I hang them for interest while sitting (yes unfortunately I do mean THAT way) they look silly when you see their reflection in the mirror.
    2. If I hang them centered on the wall to look good as you walk into the bathroom, you can hardly see them at all while sitting. Hmph.

Here’s how Attempt #1 ended up: (DISCLAIMER: I’m fully aware that it looks awful.)

The beautiful wood frames (which are lovely when not hung on a brown wall) are from TJ Maxx. I filled three of the frames with postcard art of the beaches and marshes of Kiawah Island. These were a gift from The Sanctuary Hotel where we stayed during our honeymoon, and the beachy colors seemed to tie in the shower curtain.

It was immediately evident to me that this was not the fix I was hoping for, but I felt pretty defeated and decided it was best to let it go until I had a better idea, or I just couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.

Fast Forward a year (maybe more?) to this past Christmas when I asked for this beautiful calendar from Anthropologie.



I found the images whimsical, yet sophisticated and knew I wanted to frame them as prints in the future.  I really didn’t know where or when this would actually happen. I couldn’t stop thinking about them in the nursery, or even on our living room wall, but I was nervous that my husband would find the floral details too effeminate.

I have to admit, I took inspiration from the Pinterest post below when I decided to collect a beautiful calendar with the intention of framing individual monthly images as framed artwork.


Source: the creativity exchange

It wasn’t until a few months after Christmas that I realized the absolutely perfect home for the calendar prints. As I mentioned before, I was considering using them in the nursery, but I soon realized that I didn’t have adequate wall space to accommodate as much artwork as I’d hoped.

That said, they did look pretty great with the rug…

IMG_2389a IMG_2388a

After taking these photos to send to my Mom (for nursery inspiration, and to pat my own back a bit) I realized that the November peacock actually coordinated with our shower curtain in a way I could hardly believe I’d never noticed before!

Finally, I had a vision for the bathroom!! Since my husband liked the shower curtain, I hoped he’d enjoy coordinating peacock artwork. It was a long shot, but I was desperate to get those old frames off the wall.

After carefully measuring the size of the artwork, I knew I could avoid a custom framing job by using record album frames.

I looked online for white frames, but struck out completely. While running other errands at Bed Bath and Beyond , I came across this collage frame in the sale section! It had the same outer dimensions as a record album frame (yes, I now travel with a tape measure in my purse), was made of wood, AND had more character than a typical thin metal album frame. SCORE! When I found the second one, I knew it was meant to be.


While Mom and Dad were visiting, we carefully separated the peacocks from the month names and dates and placed them in the frames. Black frames were the perfect addition all along! They coordinate so well with the oil rubbed bronze and the new wrought iron towel rack that was generously donated from Mom’s attic.

I tried to include a bit of the shower curtain, so you can see how similar they are, but it’s a difficult wall to capture (even when standing on the toilet or in the shower).  Here are my best efforts:

IMG_3350a IMG_3352a IMG_3354a

I like to imagine that the design in the wrought iron is made from two P’s facing each other, or one extremely curvy M in the middle. (Maybe I’m just seeing things – visions of monograms? lack of sleep?).

Even though, I didn’t end up using actual record album frames, this never would have come to fruition without the original Pinterest inspiration to use them. The best part of this project is that I still have a calendar full of beautiful artwork to dream about adding to my home…well, maybe when i get a few more walls that need filling.