Farewell Coffee, My Love

Everyone knows that coffee is my answer to everything life brings my way.  The happy moments, devastating moments, celebrations, reunions, early mornings, lazy weekends, mornings in general, farewells, boredom, tears, holidays, Fall, abundant sunshine, utter exhaustion (what isn’t on this list?!); they are ALL justifications for rewarding myself with a coffee!

How could I even dream of giving up something I love as much as coffee?

I couldn’t.

I didn’t.

My coffee TABLE, however, needed a new home and fast! The baby was becoming mobile and he needed space to crawl and roll and lay on blankets…basic baby stuff. (Moving a large, potentially dangerous, sharp-edged, 4-cornered box out of his “zone” was a bonus too).


Spending the holidays away from NYC made me remember the suburban joys of wide of open play spaces, and a few new sizable toys (namely the miraculous Jumperoo) were suddenly taking precedence over a place to rest a glass or foot while watching TV.

We needed to clear out some space, but surely the answer to our dilemma wasn’t as simple as getting rid of our practically brand new, beautiful coffee table already!

My first thought, “Put it on wheels!” I imagined casually rolling it out of the way when Kip needed to play, and rolling it back in front of the TV after bedtime. Voila!

I pictured something like this:


Or this, with brakes on the wheels:



Later (while online shopping for the perfect casters), I began to imagine Kip putting his unsteady weight on the table and it quickly rolling away from him – ending in tears and bruises. Thinking farther ahead, I pictured our future toddler “playfully” ramming our expensive coffee table into walls, bookshelves, and my shins – also ending in tears and bruises…mostly  mine.

It wasn’t the perfect plan, but I wasn’t willing to give up on the idea yet! We had some time before toddlerhood needed to be addressed, and I knew that certain casters had brakes. I was going to make this happen!

When I turned my coffee table upside down and realized that my table’s metal legs were not hollow, as I’d assumed, I decided it might be time to find a new solution.

The idea of attempting to drill holes into the metal bottom of my table legs to “hopefully” to add wheels — which may or may not have worked, certainly would have messed up my rug daily, and probably caused utter ruin to our apartment, and possibly my baby and body — was hardly appealing.

But where to keep it?!

To remind you of my spacial restrictions, here’s  a photo of the entire length of the apartment, shortly after installing our nursery wall.


There was just enough room between the couch and the table for a person to sit and eat comfortably. The addition of a high chair was already complicating things.

I was stuck. My inspiration had run out.

Wouldn’t you know it, our complete and utter boredom during a blizzard pushed us to find the perfect solution!

The perk of living in a 40-story building during a terrible blizzard, is that you don’t even need to go outside to travel to a friend’s house for cards and drinks – if you planned accordingly and stocked up on beer beforehand.

We hadn’t had friends over for a game night since Kip was born, but with the blizzard outside, we figured they had no place better to be – so we invited them up!

The biggest challenge was finding a place for everyone to sit!

We decided to put the leaf in our table so we could fit 2 people on either side, and Kip at the end in his highchair. That left us one chair short because Kip’s “Space Saver High Chair” took up a valuable chair.

That’s when my husband came up with the perfect solution! He said, “I’ll sit on the coffee table at the end.”

BRILLIANT! We can make the coffee table into a BANQUET!

The spacing required the table to move a little to the left, so the light was no longer exactly in the middle, but I wasn’t worried about having uneven shadows on my food or cards. This was PERFECT!!


Eventually, we moved the rug out from under the table and toward the windows – better to be as far as possible from the high chair debris.

I also added the piece of art on the left to make the table appear more centered than it really was.


And just like that, I said “Farewell” to my coffee table and “Hello!” to my gorgeous new banquet!