Post-Nursery Apt

ADJUSTMENT #1: Moving the Living Room furniture away from the window.

We needed to create 6 feet of space for the nursery and (after much research and deliberation) were able to accomplish this by removing two tables, and placing the remaining furniture closer together. I never realized how much space we were wasting! The room hardly feels like we lost any square footage at all!





ADJUSTMENT #2: Moving the office area to the bedroom.

The desk sits directly across from the bed which proved a risky move considering that it has to stay clean and tidy or else I wake up grumpy looking at the mess that got dumped on my desktop the night before.  In hopes of combatting this complication (and bad feng shui?), I made sure to put inspiring lists and images on the bulletin board. Ideally, most mornings and evenings this inspiration works to balance out the stressful mess (that inevitably appears despite my best intentions).


ADJUSTMENT #3: Creating a nursery.

These photos show the nursery in various stages and styling attempts. I doubt it will ever be entirely “settled,” but the good news is that it really is functional! The only major change since Kip arrived is that the bassinet is living in our bedroom (for now). This left us with some lovely extra floor space for playing, swaying, and diaper change support (for the frighteningly noisy ones).










3 thoughts on “Post-Nursery Apt

  1. Hi, I am thinking of setting up a nursery in our apartment using similar doors. How is the noise situation in the nursery? Can you watch tv in the living space while the baby is napping/sleeping?


    • Hi Danielle! I was worried about noise too. We started with one sound machine, and later added a second to cover up our kitchen noise. For a while he seemed to wake up while we watched tv, but we realized that the flashing of the tv was more disturbing to him than the noise. We just added blackout curtains to cover the cracks in the doors and we finally successfully reclaimed our living room! We can even have the lights on! Let me know if you’d like to see photos of our current setup!


      • Thanks Melissa for your reply. I will definitely purchase blackout curtains. Would love to see pictures. Your renovations are amazing!


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