I was just a North Carolina girl living life in the Big Apple.

My husband and I bought a 1-bedroom apartment in the city and between dance auditions and out of town shows, I was always up to something as I explored new ideas and projects to improve our little shoebox.

I painted our cabinets, stenciled our walls, changed out light fixtures and carefully selected furniture and accessories – saving space and money as creatively as possible.  Over a period of 2.5 years our 699 square feet of basic boring apartment was transformed into a cozy, cute, and comfortable home…and then we had a baby! We created a nursery by putting up a temporary wall in our living room, but we still needed more space (which I constantly complained about in my posts). We finally decided to make a change.

Now we are back in the South and I’m in the process of transforming our new (to us) 4-bedroom home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I’m still laughing my way through life’s ups and downs, and I’m not afraid to admit this house will surely see its share of disastrous DIY projects.  I’m quite tickled with our new life down South and I can’t wait to get started sharing more projects with you.

Have a question about a post? Want to help solving a problem in your home? Contact me below!

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