Inherited Hues: Upstairs

Last week I posted about creating a color palette on our first floor. (Read that post here!) Now let’s talk about our upstairs!

I felt the need to paint even fewer rooms on the second floor. Most of the colors were already in my favorite blue/green world, and only three rooms bothered me enough to pull out the painting supplies during our first year in the house.

Main Hallway & Bedroom 2


These two spaces were painted a beautiful neutral gray-blue. Oddly enough, it appears green-tinged on the swatch! Locating these inherited paint colors on the paint chip aisle for touch ups-was a challenge!! Seeing it on the walls, I never would have guessed that Sherwin-Williams named it Comfort Gray – it feels so blue in person!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.17.16 PM


This room is now the Guest Room, and looks a bit more like this:


Click here for more details on the Guest Room.

The Master Bedroom


The Master bedroom was a shade of green I never would have chosen on my own, but a year after moving in I’m still enjoying waking up in this bedroom! The color is called Halcyon Green and it appears much bolder on the walls than on the swatch.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.27.54 PM


It is warm enough to feel cozy at night, and still bright and cheerful when the sun comes through the windows in the morning.

Updates coming on this space soon too! Somehow, I’m always so behind!



Master Bathroom


When we first moved in, this space left me feeling a bit…meh. It was fine, small, and not at all the spa-like bathrooms in newly built houses today. That said, it was functional and I managed to find a few ways to make it pop more than it already was.


The walls aren’t as yellow as they seem in the move-in day photo above. I believe they are actually Sherwin- Williams Biscuit – the same color as the rest of the walls in my toddler’s room.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.42.34 PM

Since I didn’t need to touch these up, I never matched them to a swatch. I only know the color from locating old paint cans in the basement. The color lightened dramatically when I swapped the lightbulbs for something with a cooler temperature.


For the most part, this room still feels airy and light when we are getting ready in the morning, and although I’ve made a few updates (blog post in progress – mostly written too!), I’m still happy to enjoy this inherited paint color for now.

Guest/Kids Bathroom


On move-in day, the color of this room didn’t bother me one iota. I think I was too focused on the odd nature of the vanity top to notice much else.


It wasn’t until I added a fun shower curtain, that I could see I needed to change the yellow-neutral wall color to our home’s new go-to neutral gray (SW Silverpointe).

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 4.48.12 PM


After a new countertop and a coat of paint on the vanity, this bathroom is a delightful place to argue with my toddler about brushing his teeth every morning. I mean…actually yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.



Read more about this bathroom update here.

Bonus Room

No need to change this inherited color! It was already painted Silverpointe on move-in day and we are very happy to have it stay that way!! This room is still a hodge-podge of furniture and activity. It will likely be the last room I “design” if I even decide to formally decorate it.



Bedroom 3


This room was our “nursery” when we moved in, and now we have a THREE year old!! How is that even possible?!


The color of this room was fine, but it didn’t send me. It certainly didn’t inspire me. Once I got the white Stokke crib into bedroom the wall color just didn’t mesh with any of the furnishings.

kips room

Most of you already know my solution in this room: a blue feature wall!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.59.24 PM


My intention was to paint one wall at a time, eventually covering the rest of the walls with a nice light gray. Surprisingly, the old color no longer bothered me once the bold Valspar Deep Twilight Blue was up!

For more details on painting my toddler’s bedroom click here.

And FINALLY … last, but not least… (I saved this one on purpose!)

Office/Bedroom 4


This was the one room upstairs that I knew I needed to paint after a few months of living here. The bright yellow walls didn’t flow with my aesthetic and I knew they needed something more soothing as this room would eventually change from office, to nursery, to guest room.


I updated the status of this room once already, when I revealed my affordable office furniture find at the local Goodwill. Read more about that here.

The yellow became Sherwin Williams Online, a light blue-gray that should be able to transition with the room through all its future uses.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.16.47 PM



This paint color feels like a refreshing glass of ice water. It’s subtle, airy, and a lovely color to greet me each time I walk up the stairs. I love the light that pours from this room into the upstairs hallway and down into the foyer in the afternoons.

If you follow me on social media, you already know that this room has transitioned away from its role as an office. Here’s a sneak peek of this room’s latest purpose!!



Eeeek! SO many exciting things to share!!

But, back to the point of this post. Here is our new and inherited paint color palate for the upstairs!

I’m dying to tell you more about everything I’ve been up to! I had to squeeze all the hazardous chemicals in before I got pregnant, and all the rest of the projects before my hands and brain were too busy or exhausted from caring for a newborn AND a toddler! There has been so much happening!

I may be crazy, but I’m working hard to get back to weekly updates! Check back soon, for more fun updates! And just so you don’t miss something because of Facebook’s crazy algorithm shenanigans, click the Follow Me link so new posts will show up in your email!!

Thanks for reading!

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