Babies are the Bomb

No really.

Having a baby genuinely feels like a giant bomb exploded in the middle of your life and blew up your sanity, patience, social life, concept of time, and life as you knew it before…generally speaking, of course.

No one tells you this. Or maybe they do…but the concept is so foreign that you entirely miss the point and shrug off the warning of impending doom.

So naturally, after discovering this to be true with our first child, we still wanted a second. I mean, we’d already ruined our independence and sanity – why not throw in another tiny person to shake things up?

Really though…we made this choice. Conscious, aware, ready for the struggle ahead.

In case you have been wondering, this is the very reason the blog has been dormant lately. I knew that a new baby would completely halt my productivity…indefinitely! (Well, until the newborn is in preschool at least). My mission was to complete as many DIY, home improvement and decorating projects as possible before #2 was conceived.

After all, using too many chemicals and lifting heavy things while pregnant is frowned upon.

Once the baby was officially on its way from poppy seed to watermelon, it was really crunch time. The countdown to baby doomsday had begun.

The very day I took the pregnancy test I decided to announce my news to the hubby with the help of a DIY project I’d been daydreaming about for a while.

After living with our chalkboard door in NYC, I missed being able to decorate for holidays, write silly notes, and make lists on a whim with a stick of chalk. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go. The side of this long cabinet was screaming for a chalkboard!

Here are a few inspiration photos:







The only thing holding me back was losing the lovely light that now reflected off this big white surface.

Feeling nervous about ruining my brand new paint job, and worrying I would regret my decision, I sought out a temporary solution. Luckily, Amazon came to rescue! A chalkboard decal!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 4.49.24 PM


Incredibly, this decal was almost the exact size of the side of my cabinet! Best of all, I could test out my idea and remove it or move it if I changed my mind! (This is also an awesome solution for renters!!)

When I finally got around to hanging my new decal, I had my eye on a new location.


The wooden side of this cabinet greeted me every time I walked in our back porch door. The afternoon sun that streams into the back of the house had taken its toll on this cabinet. After 30 years of sunny Southern afternoons it was looking faded and tired.

While day dreaming of finding the time to paint the lower cabinets, I realized that this cabinet made much more sense as a chalkboard! I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to reach the top of the other cabinet, and there would be no need to bid farewell to all the lovely light that bounced off the fresh white paint! I could have both?!!

Yes, my decal was now too long, so I simply used an x-acto knife to trim the edge at the baseboard (actually just quarter-round where the cabinet meets the floor).


Within 20 minutes (less if you aren’t as picky about bubbles, or precise with the x-acto knife), my new kitchen chalkboard was ready to go!!

That evening, I surprised my hubby with the big news…


…and a new chalkboard too!


I couldn’t hold my tongue longer than a few hours, so my big surprise couldn’t be all that elaborate. Still, I managed to pull a few fun things together.




The banner was from the Target dollar spot, and I grabbed the gold foil alphabet from the party aisle for 5 bucks.



“Oh Baby!” just felt like the right sentiment for the occasion…a mix of excitement, here goes nothing, and what did we just do?!

Fast forward 11 months and the good news is that I still LOVE the chalkboard in this location.  The great news is that our new baby (9 weeks already!) really is the bomb so far…I’m acutely aware that this can change in the blink of an eye. He’s even content to play on his own while Mommy writes her blog…occasionally. That means you’ll actually get to hear about all the fun things I’ve been up to!

I could write a whole series on the realities of motherhood as I’ve experienced them, and maybe I will! Until then, all you Mommies out there who feel like your precious babies arrived and blew up your life…you’re not alone!

Time for me to pick up the pieces (the baby is crying for me upstairs) and try to make  magic out of the rest of today…or just survive it – because that’s ok too.