Hello there, Guest Bathroom: The Reveal

Getting a new bright white countertop in the guest bathroom was a major aesthetic improvement. Unfortunately, it took a little while before it was a functional improvement.

I love how quickly the countertop guys can be in and out and truly transform your home.  Somehow, every time they leave I’m so relieved that the heavy lifting is done, I manage to forget that I have a MAJOR task ahead of me.

I’m talking about plumbing…

Although the bathroom looks great on top:


It still looks like this underneath:


I don’t know about you, but for me this photo cues that repetitive screeching horror movie music. You know the one…


So, in all honesty. Our bathroom vanity sat that way for about a week. Only our beautiful new faucet (Delta Silverton) could give me the motivation to attempt to reconnect that plumbing.



I watched a few YouTube videos, bought a few new parts from Home Depot, and  tinkered for a few hours at nap time. A week later, I called the plumber.

I sent the above photo of the unconnected sink, and asked for a quote. I think I was expecting something in the $125-175 range. Nope. The first plumbing company wouldn’t give me a quote until the plumber was physically in my home. The second plumber said they no longer give quotes. And the third plumber said it would cost me $285 bucks.

I quickly told him that I’d give it go on my own for free, and if I needed his help I’d call him back. My thriftiness and determination NOT to have to call this plumber back and report that my DIY attempt had failed was excellent motivation!

In fact, it almost worked! I got everything connected and tightened…but there was a leak near the sink drain. I’m pretty sure I cried. My hands were raw, and my pride was bruised. I was NOT calling that plumber again.

My husband came to my rescue. I tried to sit and complain about explain everything I’d done while he was at work, but after a short assessment he told me to leave the bathroom and let him work. I was terrified that he would be lost with me (ha!).

About an hour later, he emerged VICTORIOUS!! (And the sink is STILL working today!!!)

Now that the sink was functional, it was time to get back to cabinet painting.

I really struggled with making a decision about this bathroom. It will be the guest bath and the kids bath, so I wanted it to feel fresh, clean, bright, and perky. I didn’t want it to feel like a kids bathroom when guests came over, but I also wanted Kip to feel at home in the space. (i.e. no pink vanity, *sigh).

I spotted this gorgeous navy blue on Pinterest and had a feeling it could be THE ONE!



It was so vibrant, and colorful…and yet still very blue. Is that even possible?! For lack of a better word, it popped! I ran out to Home Depot to get a sample, of Behr Marquee: Opera Glasses. While I was there I picked up another deep navy sample and a few light turquoise/minty/aqua paint chips that always speak to me.

I immediately took the samples up the bathroom and slapped some paint on the vanity. The two blues were very blue… They just weren’t sending me. In fact, I could see that they were going to make this room feel even darker than I wanted.

As I looked longingly at the minty paint chips in my hand, I considered my options: Is this a trendy color? Yes! Do I LOVE it? Yes! Can I easily paint this vanity navy blue in the future?? Yes!

At this point, I felt confident enough in my cabinet painting skills that I knew this small vanity would only take me a day or two if I changed my mind.

I should also say, that although the wood tone of the vanity is attractive, it has been used, abused and water damaged enough that it needs to be painted or refinished. For all you wood lovers out there, I’m attempting to leave the wood cabinets alone in our powder room, and on the bottom half of our kitchen – but I decided that one fun, colorful vanity would go far in giving this room some personality.

So, if not navy…then what?! I toyed with some crazy options.






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Source.                                                                 Source

A Pink, Poppy, Coral, Red:




As much fun as this rainbow of bright colors provided, I kept coming back to those cool minty turquoise paint chips and photos…



Something about this cabinet color just had a hold on me. I needed to go for it.

Luckily, I already had a few paint samples leftover from painting our living room (whiiiich I still need to tell you all about – oops!).

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.27.10 PM.png

Although Copen Blue won in the living room, I was really liking Sherwin Williams Tidewater on the vanity.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.28.45 PM.png


Tidewater was too bright for our living room walls, but on the vanity it felt more subdued. It was love at first sight.

I went back to Lowes for a quart of their Valspar Cabinet Paint and the rest is history!

The painting was easy after I prepped my cabinets with my favorite new deglosser: Krud Cutter Gloss Off (and a scouring pad). You just scrub, wipe off with a damp paper towel, and wait for it to dry. As soon as it dries, you are ready to paint!

Here’s the only photo taken during the process. It went so smoothly that I finished everything except the two center doors in one nap time!



I tried out some awesome copper knobs (from Target) but they were too loud and clashed with my chrome faucet, light fixture…and everything else chrome in sight. I really didn’t want boring knobs on my beautiful new vanity, and luckily Target delivered with an interesting, gently hammered, and therefore light and eye-catching option.



The Franklin Knobs were a twist on a classic, and added just enough interest and style to meet my needs.




Of course, I had to add a few perky reminders to smile and have a wonderful day – don’t we all need that as we brush our teeth in the morning?


Will the bathroom stay this way forever? Certainly not. But for now (and hopefully the next few years!), I’m quite pleased with the way this cheery little bathroom welcomes me every day.


The before and after photos are dramatically different, but the cost wasn’t too terribly outrageous!!

  • New SW Silverpointe paint on the walls, Lowes – $30 (though used in many rooms)
  • New Shower Curtain, Bed Bath Beyond – $13 (accidentally on sale!)
  • New Bathmat, Target – $15
  • Artwork (DIY from wrapping paper – see post) – $5
  • Cabinet Paint, Lowes – $25
  • Deglosser, Amazon – $8
  • New Countertop, Universal Stone in Charlotte – $630
  • New Faucet, Home Depot – $99, on sale
  • Cost to Reconnect Plumbing, FREE – Yay husband to the rescue!!!

GRAND TOTAL: $825 (only $195 without the countertop!)