The REVEAL! New Sofas and Young Families: A Dangerous Pairing, Part II

I really hated to end that post without finishing the whole story, but my rambling had gone on too long!

Where were we?? Oh yes! Getting the perfect sofa for the best price!!

In case you didn’t read the last post, we picked out the Essex Sofa from Bassett Furniture:


The Bassett website prices the Essex Sofa in Sterling Heathered Twill Weave at $2,469. You can also choose to customize cushion plushness, nailhead trim, wood finishes, and designer welt in store (I’m not sure what welt is – we didn’t customize it). I’m guessing that $2,469 is a basic price without any perks – most likely these customizations would only add to the cost.

The website could not give me an estimate for Bassett’s HGTV Custom Ottoman, but the Essex Ottoman (which was too small to suit my needs) was $649, so I figured I should expect to spend that or more on a bigger customized piece.

At this point I was looking at 3,000 dollars for a new sofa. Not ideal.

I know that this is the anchor for my living room, and a piece that my family will enjoy and use for years…if it lasts. But that’s just it! Will it LAST?! Is furniture even made to last anymore?! Was I willing to pay 3000+ dollars just to find out if I was buying quality? My Mom’s recommendation (she has 2 Bassett sofas that are holding up well) is worth an awful lot to me, but spending this much money on something we could ruin in one silly spill was really giving me cold feet.

After moving into the house and setting up our old sofa, we had a comfy place to sit and relax while we waited for some clarity. The photo below is the only evidence of our old sofa in our new living room. (Please don’t mind the sippy cup or toys).



My first strategy for refreshing this room (besides a brand new couch) was flipping the rug upside down. The pattern was almost exactly the same, but no polka dots inside the diamonds. The current topside had seen too many coffee spills and too much foot traffic to look bright and shiny anymore.


This photo doesn’t do justice to the contrast between the old top and new top, but trust me  – it was like we got a brand new rug! I wish we could keep flipping it like a mattress, but sadly I think this rug’s second chance at life might be its only chance. But hey, I’ll take it!

Now, back to the couch saga.

We put the Bassett Store and their $3000 gamble on hold for a couple weeks. My mom mentioned that she got her Bassett couches from a local furniture store (Brawley Furniture) in Mooresville, and it might be worthwhile to see what their price would be.

Good thing I listened to my Mom because, boy did she save us some major dough! Also, how awesome is it to shop local, support your (Mom’s) neighbors, and save money?!!

It was so simple.

I walked in,  told the salesman the style of the couch, the fabric, and the custom ottoman I was interested in buying. He stepped away, and 5 minutes later I had a KILLER price in my hands. No deadline, no sales to pressure me into buying today, just a price.

I mean, in his defense the numbers spoke for themselves. He could sell me the Essex Sofa in the fabric I wanted for $1100. The ottoman was only $425.

Let me remind you:

  • Bassett Store:
    • Essex Sofa – $2,269 + custom ottoman that had not yet been priced!
  • Brawley Furniture in Mooresville:
    • Essex Sofa – $1100 + Large Custom Ottoman $425.

It did not take me long to make this decision. For $1525 I purchased a brand new sofa, customized for my family, and it was delivered less than 4 weeks later.

The night before delivery, we cleared out the old sofa and took it to its new home in the bonus room. We also finally flipped the rug!


Seeing the sofa in the bonus room, I was surprised at how little space it took up! Who knew this was such a big room?! Now, I’m busy trying to figure out how to optimize all this space!! Office/Playroom? Guest Room/Bonus Room? Bunk Room? So many options!!



Luckily, the delivery truck came early the next morning and I got to enjoy my brand new sofa all day long (after Scotch Guarding EVERY INCH of it).

The room isn’t finished, but it’s anchored and our family movie nights have a beautiful and comfortable home!




Now it’s time to put this baby to the test. I’ll be certain to update you on its wear and tear as we gently (yeah right!) welcome this lovely lady (yes, it’s too pretty to be a boy) into our home!