Be Our Guests!

That’s right!! We finally have a “Guest Room.”

As excited as I was to welcome our very first overnight guests, I never expected the awesome feeling of being able to say goodnight and then head to our bedroom and crawl into our own bed, as usual.

Here’s why! In New York City our bedtime ritual when guests were in town involved:

  • Retrieving the air mattress from the top shelf of hall closet
  • Moving the coffee table to make room for the air mattress
  • Inflating the air mattress (don’t forget to move the table or you’re in trouble!)
  • Putting sheets and blankets on the air mattress (nightly)
  • Patiently waiting while everyone makes their way in and out of the bathroom to change into pjs, brush teeth, wash faces, etc.
  • And finally (…and generously! and happily!) sleeping on the newly inflated air mattress with the light of the apartment hallway flooding in under our front door.

Oh, and REPEAT (or rather reverse!) all that in the morning so that the apartment actually becomes a functional space again.

Now, before I start offending anyone who came to visit us in the city – we were THRILLED to have you there!!! We love having guests and we missed your company when you left us. Sadly, hosting just always ended up being harder on us (and our guests!) than we wanted it to be. When we added a barely sleeping baby and subtracted a decent portion of the living room (for this nursery), the already complicated equation – as much as I wish it wasn’t true – became downright stressful.

Needless to say, hosting our first guests in the new house felt luxurious! We could even keep the lights on and play games after the baby went to bed – I mean…What is this glorious feeling?! I seriously never knew that hosting guests could be so easy and fun!!

For now, we chose the Guest Room to be located in the other bedroom on the front of the house. screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-3-11-55-pm



We liked the blue/green/grey shade of Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray that was already on the walls, so we decided to forego painting this room (entirely). Touch up was a must in every room, as you can see from the polka dots of spackling all over the place!


The most vital and expensive part of setting up a guest room required acquiring a second mattress and a bed frame.

I put my husband in charge of picking out our new guest mattress. I tend to feel extremely uncomfortable lying on mattresses in front of strangers and trying to decide which one makes my body feel weightless. (By the way, I’ve never achieved this level of comfort. Has anyone?!) Luckily, my doting husband obliged and quickly picked out his favorite from a local mattress store. (Yay Hubby!)

My original plan for the actual bed was a simple headboard with a basic metal frame, a pretty duvet cover and a bedskirt. Something along the lines of the inspiration photos below. It was a no frills solution, and shouldn’t have made a huge dent in our furniture budget. Still, it would be a major upgrade from an air mattress on the floor.

The plans changed completely when we wandered into our local Ethan Allen (just to look!!) and discovered their sale room. It’s dangerous and glorious all at once!!

As you might guess, I fell in love with a piece or two of furniture…and we walked out as the happy (and somewhat shocked) owners of a brand new half price Ethan Allen sleigh bed for the guest room, and a deeply discounted turquoise chair for our living room.


I fully intended to give our guests the beautiful sleigh bed, but once I saw it in the room…I knew it would make an even bigger and better impact in the master bedroom.


There just wasn’t enough contrast between the dove gray of the bed and the blue/green of the walls. It felt wrong to leave this gorgeous bed in a room that basically swallowed it up! So…I took 2 beds apart…all by myself…during nap time…and like a ninja I silently swapped the beds in and out of the master bedroom, and rebuilt them…mattresses too. When it’s nap time, I don’t mess around.

Let me show you exactly how motivated I was…


Back to the guest room…and we are looking at this:


Suddenly creating the guest room became a breeze! I was really worried about finding a duvet that I loved before our first guests arrived the next weekend. Now that I’d swapped the beds, I could move all the pretty Pottery Barn things to this room and figure out what I wanted for our Master bedroom later!

Now, before you go suspecting that I’m just taking all the shiny new things for myself, let me make one claim (ok, four) for plausible deniability:

  1. This bed had an ugly metal frame and needed a bed skirt.
  2. The new bed couldn’t accommodate a bed skirt.
  3. The only bedskirt we own is from Pottery Barn, and matches our pillow shams and duvet, the logical choice was to move the whole bed, frame, skirt, and bedding as a unit.
  4. Therefore, the fact that I now get to choose something new and pretty for my own room is just lucky! No??

Now it was time to add all the fun stuff!

I added new basic curtain rods (14.99 each) that tied in our dark metal door handles, and two sets of white sheers from H&M (19.99 per pair, but sadly no longer available online).  One set of these sheers hung in our bedroom in NYC.


Since I only needed this room to be functional for now, I found a couple decent lamps at the local Goodwill for 5.99 each and added Goodwill shades for another 2.99-3.99. The little white nightstand was a free find in New York City! I used it there as my nightstand with this same bed, so I knew it was a good height.


It got even more chipped up in the move and even lost a leg! (Wood glue saved the day, and made it strong and useable again). I’ll probably paint it once it has a permanent home.


Shorty after we moved, I found this cute dresser at Main Street Antiques in Mooresville for $150 (negotiated down to $110). Since the new dressers at Bassett and Crate and Barrel were in the $800-$2000 range, I was pretty pumped to save some cash on this baby!


My intention was to repaint it a masculine blue/gray, replace the hardware, and use it in our master bedroom as my husband’s dresser. I soon realized the scalloped bottom might be a bit too effeminate for him. But, if I did nothing at all, it was already pretty perfect to anchor the guest room!



The final additions to the dresser were a painting that used to be over our couch, a picture frame with our wifi info, and a tiny bunny lamp that used to be in the nursery.


At the last minute I hung the Target mirror (still available online!) that we used in the entry way of our apartment over the middle of the headboard. It was just the right pop of light and focus that the room needed to feel finished.


The cost breakdown for this room is pretty exciting.

  • Headboard: Repurposed, $0
  • New Mattress and Box Spring: $750
  • Linens: Repurposed, $0
  • Curtain Rods: $14.99 x 2, $30
  • Curtains: Repurposed, $0
  • Dresser: $110 
  • Nightstands: Repurposed, $0
  • Goodwill Lamps: $5.99 x 2, $12
  • Goodwill Lamp Shades: 2.99 + 3.99, $7
  • Art work: Repurposed, $0


It’s certainly not perfect or life changing in terms of design. In fact, it looks an awful lot like our old bedroom in the city, but for moving in 3 weeks prior to hosting our first overnight guests, and spending about 150 dollars (minus the new mattress set) I don’t think we did that badly!


The Guest Room certainly won’t stay like this forever (in fact it has already changed a bit!), but for now it feels like a breath of fresh air every time I walk through or glance inside. And really, who doesn’t love a pretty room that you don’t have to clean up everyday?!

Now, who wants to come visit?!! No, seriously. COME SEE US!

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