It’s All About Timing

You know when do something bad, and you need to fess up – but when?! And HOW?!

Maybe if you wait for the absolute perfect moment, the ideal mood – your momentary lapse in good judgement won’t seem like such a big deal.

So, I bought a piece of furniture without telling my husband. There. I said it!

We’d looked at it together. I’d told him how much I loved it. He even offered to put a portion of his monthly “Fun Money” toward it – but he was at the bar with his buddies at the time, so I wasn’t holding him to his terribly adorable tipsy generosity.

The next day,  I longingly looked at its details, and contours…and sale price. I just clicked and clicked and suddenly, it was time to enter my credit card information.

A promo code for 20% off and free shipping took away the shipping charge horror that usually stops me in my tracks. It was a $137 purchase and I just…clicked.

Order Confirmation. The deed is done.

With everyday that passed, I was feeling guilty – even acting guilty! I got a shipping notification and felt like I was hiding an affair (well – what I imagine it feels like to hide an affair from your husband. Let’s be VERY clear about that!).

I wanted to tell him, I just needed the right moment. So, I waited…

Item Delivered.

Now what?!

That night he mentions that we have another UPS package. His tone of voice tells me he’s not amused. I said, “I know what it is…do you want to know?” He said, “I don’t think so.”

Well, that didn’t go as planned…

So, I decided to surprise him. He won’t have to do any of the work and he can just come home to a perfectly beautiful cabinet. (Because I’m certain it will be BEAUTIFUL and perfect). You’d be happy with that surprise, right??

He was going out of town for a few nights and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’d be bored, lonely, and seeking the company of a new piece of furniture. My plan was set. Then, two days before he left I had a crazy productivity craving. (By the way, am I the only one that has these??) The baby went down for his nap and I didn’t waste a minute. I marched downstairs, picked up my box, and got started building.

I needed to have this thing finished and all the little pieces cleaned up before nap time was over.  Kip’s naps were typically somewhere between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours. The reviews said the project would take me about an hour. Let’s hope so!

Time to get to work! The clock was ticking!

12:50 pm:

I opened the box and made sure the color of the furniture blended well with the bathroom tile and overall coloring.

✓ Check. (Phew!)


12:51 pm: (1 min transpired)

I made sure that the furniture would actually fit around the sink as designed (before wasting an hour building it!).

✓ Check.


1:02 pm: (12 minutes transpired)

The directions were entirely composed of photos, but the hardware came divided in fantastically thought out numbered bags! I laid them out in number order to make sure I had all the necessary pieces before beginning. This also saved me valuable time since I didn’t need to frantically search for the right hardware for each new step.


1:10 pm: (20 minutes transpired)

Eight minutes and only 3 steps later, the piece is already structurally sound!! The quality of the wood, and the paint job were top notch! All of the holes were lining up perfectly and the pictures make complete sense. Putting this thing together is going to be a breeze!



1:23 pm: (33 minutes transpired)

Front drawer is attached!


1:26 pm: (36 minutes transpired)

Front drawer and drawer stopper attached (as shown in diagram).

✓ Check.


1:31 pm: (41 minutes transpired)

I quickly realized that this was not looking functional. The drawer should have been closed before attaching stopper…which was shown in the photos. However, the stopper still looked awkward and in the way of the drawer in its current position.


1:37 pm: (47 minutes transpired)

I need to take three steps backwards. I removed the stopper and closed the drawer. Before reinstalling, I realized that the stopper needed to be installed facing the opposite direction in order for the drawer to tip forward as designed. This wasn’t shown correctly in the directions, but was an easy fix – thankfully!


1:39 pm: (49 minutes transpired)

Then (because I’m always hesitant to stray from the directions), I double checked that drawer functioned correctly. I felt better when I realized the design included bumpers to cushion the drawer as it tilted back in, in this positioning. This was definitely the proper construction!


1:57 pm: (1 hour, 7 minutes transpired)

This is where things got a little hairy. Twenty. Minutes. Later.  You can see that the front door hinges are (kinda) attached to sides and doors of cabinet.

I got extremely frustrated when the provided screws began to strip before they were even close to securely attaching the two pieces together.

Then I really started to sweat, questioned my judgement, panic, and wondered if I could still return my “surprise” purchase before my husband got home from work!


2:11 pm: (1 hour, 21 minutes transpired)

Knowing how the other door and screws were behaving, I made sure to take extra time and caution NOT to strip the screws if at all possible. Fifteen minutes later, I realized that despite my extreme attentiveness to detail and care for the screws, the hinges and screws on the opposite door were in even worse condition than the first side.


2:17 pm: (1 hour, 27 minutes transpired)

Almost 90 minutes into my supposedly “hour-long project”, my toddler wakes up from nap…early…and very unhappy – that makes two of us.

I was determined to get this thing in a presentable condition before collecting the babe, and welcome my husband home from work. I realized I could close the doors to the cabinet, and it still LOOKED as beautiful and fantastic as I imagined – maybe better!


Important Note: Just don’t attempt to open it, or the doors practically fall off in your hand.


And I truly wondered why husband prefers to buy furniture he doesn’t need to assemble…

What was I thinking?!!!

2:20 pm: (1 hour, 30 minutes transpired)

Even though the cabinet was faulty, I was still excited to see the transformation. I quickly remembered to snap a few “Before” photos so we could all appreciate how much this “vanity” improves our bathroom. (Don’t mind the toilet lock – it’s vital, I’m not removing it for photos).



Then I hauled the (impressively heavy) furniture into the bathroom and snapped a few photos while Mr. Kip impatiently waited to be rescued from his crib. Otherwise, there’d probably be photo documentation of my kiddo flushing the toilet or yanking down the shower curtain – and nobody wants to see (or remember) that.

I must say, I’m pretty thrilled with the cabinet, janky doors and all.



It’s nearly impossible to take photo of this bathroom that doesn’t look yellowy and brown, but in real life – the bathroom looks fresh and lovely. Well, certainly fresher and lovelier than it did when we moved in!

A few hours later, I was completely relieved to share my burdensome secret with my husband. The icing on the cake – he LOVES the cabinet as much as I do!!

A few days later, I replaced the screws with shorter screws from my local hardware store, and the doors are secure and perfectly functional!


I couldn’t be happier with my latest addition! I love the way it instantly updated the bathroom and created storage space where I never dreamed possible…well, attractively possible.

And! this cabinet is baby-proof-able! Now I don’t have to stare at all my unsightly cleaning supplies and chemicals that move around the house every time my toddler grows an inch or discovers a new method of climbing.

I seriously want to hug the person that created this thing!! Pedestal sink owners (and renters!) must be jumping for joy over your ingenuity.

Check out the Home Improvements catalog or website to grab yours!! (They don’t know I’m saying this!)

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