Decisions, Decisions

I never was a very good decision-maker.

I take that back. When I know what I want, I go after it full steam ahead! (i.e. dance career, New York City, iced coffee).  The rest of the time, I’m relatively indecisive and perfectly happy to go along with whatever everyone else wants to do.

Over the past year and a half I’ve learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be indecisive as a mom. I’ve concluded, that this is why all mothers become SO wonderful at being bossy. (Not an insult – just a matter of fact!). From the moment their children are born, Moms are thrust into making an unbelievable amount of decisions on an hourly basis. She decides everything: infant feeding and sleeping schedules; picking out clean, seasonally appropriate outfits for everyone; juggling when, how and what to discipline toddlers for; figuring out and constructing 3 meals a day plus snacks for a whole family, and and AND! The list could go on for DAYS!

Let’s just say, I used to have trouble deciding what I wanted for breakfast, and now I’m lucky if I grab a handful of anything before my toddler informs me he is “All Done.”

Thank Goodness for Curious George! He typically buys me 10 minutes to throw on clothes, makeup, brush my teeth, and shove something in my mouth – before the “All Done” sounds and it’s time to start wiping things again. (Seriously – I feel like I wipe things all day long!)

I’m getting sidetracked. What was my point?

Oh yes, I’m learning to be bossy make important decisions in a snap!

Interestingly, this is bleeding into my design and blogging life – and things have started happening FAST! I no longer have the luxury of spending hours scouring Pinterest to “make sure” my design idea will pan out. Gone are the days of taking weeks to decide on a purchase, reading every review to be found, and presenting the idea to my entire board of advisors (thanks Mom, Mike, and Addie).

Thank goodness I don’t have my credit card memorized (this is a conscious choice), because I need that last “Get off your Butt (and go find your card)” step to slow me down!

These days, if I love something and the price is right – I go for it! Return shipping is always an irksome detail, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice (occasionally).

This sort of nap-time snap decision was exactly how I ended up with my kitchen artwork.

I was on the phone with my Mom lamenting the floor tiles decision and expressing my frustration about leaving behind a gorgeous piece of art at Homegoods the week before.

By the end of the conversation, she convinced me to call around to Homegoods and other nearby TJ Maxx locations to see if it was still available. Of course, it was long gone…but now I was on a mission.

I spent the rest of nap time scouring the internet for identical or similar pieces. Although I eventually uncovered a brand that sold extremely similar products, I was unable to find any as affordable (this was $39.99), or sizable as this piece.

As I expanded my search (Keywords: Wooden, Indian, Carved, Medallion) I found a few intriguing options at Wayfair, Overstock, Target, and Etsy.


$90 – Source


$250 – Source


$101 –  Source

The most affordable option (with all five 5-Star Reviews) was from World Market.


$60 – Source

I was nearing the end of nap time and it was time to make a move. Since my husband decided and I (begrudgingly) agreed that a new 250 dollar kitchen floor was too much to invest in our apartment, a 60 dollar piece of art felt incredibly affordable and thrifty!

I also schemed hoped that the wood tones would keep the existing warm-toned flooring from feeling out of place and instead make the kitchen feel seamless and well thought out.

As a final check, I used a chalk marker to sketch the size of the artwork onto the kitchen wall. I needed to be able to stand back and decide if the piece was the right proportion for the space.



It felt pretty perfect to me! After snapping this photo, and I grabbed my wallet and prayed for just a few more moments of nap time. Naturally, he woke as I was entering my credit card information – but learning patience takes practice, right?!

A few days later, my treasure arrived. Boy, was it GORGEOUS!


It was solid wood, and excellent quality. The white washing was lighter than the online photo, but I was delighted with its beauty. It seriously makes me purr with happiness and appreciation every time I’m near it. Dare I say, I’m TICKLED with it?? (I’m dangerously close to imitating that immature Cheez-It right now, aren’t I?)


These intricate details are the icing on the cake.



Can’t wait to finish painting this wall and get this baby up!!


With the warm wood tones pulling in the creamy floor, I don’t even miss my dreamy floor tiles. Well,  I’m not giving up on them ENTIRELY – but the coordination of this beauty with the current floors is giving them a fighting chance.

I’d say being bossy (ahem*) decisive is working out pretty well for me so far!

One thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Remember that I gave you a coupon code to save 10% AND you found something that saved even more. It ended up costing about the same as the TJMaxx piece!


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