Renters Rejoice!

I am so excited to share this temporary decorating innovation with you today!

A few months ago, HGTV Magazine peaked my interest with the mention of commercial grade peel and stick graphic floor tile decals. Mirth Studio’s gorgeous patterns and designs reignited my excitement for a new home improvement project!

Check out these gorgeous tiles!


Our wood tile designs are printed onto durable, adhesive backed vinyl, using the most cutting edge printing technology available. The 12″ x 12″ sections are then laminated to take some serious abuse. The low tack, readjustable adhesive backing make them a breeze to install and will not damage the existing floor. Our Peel & Stick flooring is sold in packs of 16 sq. feet, with each individual sheet being 12 by 12 inches (a square foot per decal.)

How Durable are these Peel & Stick Decorative Decals?

We love these decals mainly because of their ease of installation ( you really can do it yourself!) and their durability! The material we print on was developed to be used for outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, stadiums and point of purchase for retail stores and malls. We have just taken this high tech material, printed it with our fabulous designs and laminated it with a heavy duty laminate. Though it is a decal, it is seriously durable! We love that it can be used outdoors and in wet areas as well. Dirt and debris cleans up easily with a damp mop. Perfect for a kitchen, laundry room, pantry, rental home, dorm room or even a dance floor. We’ve had clients even install them on a porch!

Source: Mirth Studio website


If you’re having trouble visualizing an entire floor of bright tiles, check this out!





tile floor 5.jpg


I find them to be absolutely dreamy! I wish these were around when I was decorating my college dorm rooms – or do I? The highly durable decals are promised to last the test of time (or at least 4 years in a commercial setting).

I immediately thought of applying these in my kitchen! Since I would be working around colors that were already present, I was drawn to the designs below:


After a few days of Pinterest research, trying to convince my husband, and consulting with my Mom – I fell hard for Virtual: this blue, white, and grey graphic design.




My first attempt to convince my husband of this design plan, was to use my pathetically rudimentary photo editing software.

Here’s my horrific (and hopelessly ineffective) editing work:


I mean, it was worth a shot. I think I’m getting the overall gist. No?


It’s no surprise that a second attempt was necessary. This time I went with the, “See other houses are doing it – and it looks GREAT!” approach.





My husband never was one to bow to peer pressure, so this Pinterest tour didn’t really influence him in the way I’d hoped. He was still scared by the boldness of the design. (Let me remind you that when we met, he was living with a cardboard box as a hamper. Baby steps…he’s come a long way).


My next (and final) attempt needed to give both of us a real sense of what the space would look like when finished. I needed to prove that my whim would be a valuable addition to our home – not only for us, but for potential buyers in the (hopefully) near future.

I contemplated purchasing a few sample tiles to check for color and templating, but the shipping charges turned my stomach and ultimately even 4 tiles added up to a total I wasn’t willing to pay for a “look-see.”

My midnight solution was to price the printing of 12 X 12 color copies. I hoped to lay my sheets of paper on the floor and prove once and for all, that this idea was BRILLIANT!!  I saved the file from the Mirth Studio site, and uploaded it to Even they didn’t have 12 x 12 paper as an option. The closest tile I could print brought my faux tiles to 11 x 11.

Shortly after I accepted all the “no turning back – NO REFUNDS” terms and conditions, I realized that I’d made a horrible mistake.

The file I selected to print, was not a single tile. It was a combination of 4 tiles. My printed tiles wouldn’t give the true impression of the final product at all!

There was nothing to do now, but to pick up the Fed Ex order and hope that it proved my point well enough to warrant a second corrected test tile print.

Without further ado, I give you – Virtual:



I’m pleased to say, it was a pretty effective solution! I felt like I had a clear preview of the floor. Well, I had a mini-size representation at least. The designer in me told me that a large bold graphic in a small space would certainly provide an impact, and as long as the rest of the room was muted, it shouldn’t overwhelm the space. It could actually make the space feel bigger and certainly more attractive.

Here’s a breakdown of my mistake, just in case the explanation above was confusing.

  • turquoise outlines my single paper tile – actually a combination of 4 tiles.
  • orange outlines a single Tile A design.
  • pink outlines a single Tile B design.
  • below is a (freehand – don’t judge too harshly) representation of a single Tile A in full size.


As you can see, the pattern would be far larger. I feared it would have a completely different overall effect. All to say, I had yet to solidly prove my point to myself or my husband.

I was having an especially hard time envisioning the space with those trees in my way.


The two patterns were most definitely an either/or situation, and I’d already had a few years to enjoy the trees. I was ready for something new.  Their time had come. Besides, I’d never convince my husband (or be absolutely sure myself) until I painted that wall.

Time to get to work.

What do you think of this large graphic pattern for a kitchen floor? What’s your favorite Mirth Studios design? Would you put these tiles in your home?

So many ideas! So little square footage…


3 thoughts on “Renters Rejoice!

  1. My bathroom needs a new floor. I believe that I could do it! Living in the woods the small window in the bathroom doesn’the offer much light. Perhaps these would help brighten the space. Saving labor costs is a great perk. Thanks!


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