Sink or Swim

The moment of truth was quickly arriving. We’d put money down for our countertops, now it was up to my measurements and a few final preparations. If I didn’t manage to mess anything up too horribly, this was really going to happen!

Final Preparation To-Do List:

  1. Purchase New Sink
  2. Purchase New Faucet
  3. Remove Sidesplash
  4. Prep and Condition Sidesplash walls

One of our money saving techniques for the countertop project, was to supply our own undermount sink. Home Depot charged $550 for their undermount sink and installation, or $250 for installation only.

A quick google search at Home Depot, proved to my sidekick (and husband) that we could get a new sink for less than the 250 dollar price tag Home Depot suggested. We were extremely pleased with our most recent sink from Overstock, so we started our search there.

We sorted by prices and aesthetics and then searched the internet for reviews on our favorites by googling specific model numbers. As luck would have it, I accidentally closed the Overstock tab, and when I re-entered the sink model number into their site the search results surprised me with a number of sink and faucet combo deals!


At the time, Overstock was offering the set for 10% off, which brought the price down to $277. The reviews on both the sink and faucet were glowing, so we went for it! I felt so smart for passing up the Home Depot sink package. I basically scored us a free faucet!


The contractor and I hardly spoke during his visit, except when he asked to see the new sink and faucet. He needed the cardboard template for the sink cut-out, and then asked me, “Which side do you want the faucet on?” Umm, WHAT?!

I want the faucet in the middle. (Duh!)

He said, no way. Not possible, it won’t fit.

I’m Sorry, Sir… Are you sure?!

Overstock clearly showed this sink with the faucet in the middle. See?!!


I even (in complete denial) calmly brought my computer over to show him the photo that accompanied the sink/faucet combo purchase.

He was extremely kind when he said, “They lied to you. It won’t fit. Your sink is too deep.”

I was crushed.

This felt like the beginning of the end. Another complication. Another mistake. I could feel my new countertops slipping away!!

I let him leave without telling him that I was contemplating a different sink. (Which meant his company would charge me to come back and re-measure with my correct sink template). In the moment, I was so mad that I promptly submitted a return request for my Overstock purchase. The return shipping fee made me sick to my stomach, so I started googling photos of D-shaped sinks to see if there was ANY way we could live with our mistake.

I found a few photos that didn’t make me cringe, and texted them to my hubby at work.


Image Source: Houzz

We decided that we could live with it, and it wouldn’t really ruin the whole aesthetic of the design. I was still SO nervous I’d absolutely hate it, but we went ahead and scheduled our installation.

This was really going to happen!!!

I only had one last project to complete – the sidesplash!

It feels so cruel to close without a pretty picture (after you read through all that blabbering!). I can’t do an entire kitchen reveal yet…but I’m dying to show you SOMETHING!

Here’s a sneak peek of the sink and faucet installation!!


I think it’s safe to say that in this one instance only,  I’m happier to sink!


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