Own It.

Do you ever feel like your whole world just spun completely out of control?

One year after Hurricane Kip came tearing into our lives, I finally feel like I can begin to pick up the pieces.

I’m fully aware that my blog posts went from major painting projects and building walls, to hanging artwork and changing light bulbs. Literally. My last post was about changing light bulbs! And not even all 8 bulbs at once!!

What was I thinking?!

I’m pretty embarrassed. Ultimately, it’s out there, and it’s time to own it. It speaks to my state of survival, and I’m proud to say I made it through!!

As pathetic as this might sound (to someone who has never cared for a baby full-time), I seriously felt like I was achieving greatness! Or at least proudly earning a participation trophy for posting a blog during nap time.

I’m finally ready to share the remainder of the projects I conquered over the past year, and get back to work on the bigger stuff!

The blog posts will inevitably be coming at a slower pace, and with more Mommyhood adventures, but I can’t wait to get back to DIY with toddler. Doesn’t that sound like a mistake already?!

Here goes nothing!!

As a peace-offering, I’d like to close with a few (shamelessly proud Mama) photos of exactly who and what has been soaking up all my time and energy over this past year.


Thanks for hanging in there with us!!

See you very soon!

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