That’s a Wrap

No really, it’s wrapping paper!!

I admit it. I love decorating with wrapping paper.

It all started when I needed something to fill a large frame in my first New York apartment. As a somewhat starving artist (dancing at the time), I found wrapping paper to be one of the only options within my budget.

These “high quality” shots from 2008 really show off my budding decorating prowess (tell me you know that’s sarcasm).



I was clearly quite proud of my creation at the time (hence taking multiple photos). I even  ended up repurposing this frame as my twin-size headboard in a later version of this bedroom.

The Damask wrapping paper came from The Container Store. They have the BEST gift wrap section! Have you ever been at Christmas? It’s heaven.

Check out these cute prints they have now!


Source: Container Store


Source: Container Store


Source: Container Store

I wish I hadn’t seen their latest collection. Now I’m racking my brain to find a home for those trucks in the nursery.


Naturally, wrapping paper ended up sneaking its way into this apartment too.

My most impressive wrapping paper integration involves this large framed piece of artwork.



The lovely blue map of Manhattan is actually a piece of wrapping paper! (Note the barcode in the lower lefthand corner).


Source: Pinterest  (link to Kate’s Paperie no longer functioning)

I stumbled across it while looking through Kate’s Paperie (no longer in business) in Soho. It was only 5 dollars, so I allowed myself the splurge. Getting it home on the subway without bending or marring the paper was the real challenge!

My original intention was to hang this in the bathroom. (This was WAY back when that awful brown wall needing SOMETHING to break it up!).

I hoped to purchase an inexpensive poster frame, but after realizing the cheap frames were all hideous, I ended up making an impulsive decision on a rustic frame, custom white matte, and clear plexiglass from Amazon for $79.84 (it makes me feel better if I don’t round up).



When the frame arrived I was very disappointed to realize the description clearly said: “smooth grain finish“. My mind subconsciously inserted the word wood before grain. This frame was most definitely not wood.

It came wrapped in corrugated cardboard, but the journey in the mail was unkind. The frame was damaged, dented and scraped. The MDF was rearing its ugly head and I was so disappointed and annoyed that I immediately reported the frame damaged and requested a return on Amazon. There was no way I was paying 80 bucks (yes, I’m rounding up this time) for a damaged MDF frame!



I explained that the frame was well wrapped but still damaged when it arrived. I also said I no longer needed the plexiglass or matte since the frame was being returned.

To my utter astonishment Amazon said, “Don’t send it back.”


I wasn’t about to keep a damaged 80 dollar frame, but I could certainly make a free frame work.

With the help of a brown Sharpie marker, I colored in the scrapes and dents and went to work finding the perfect home for my new artwork.

At first it lived dangerously leaned against the wall on top of the dresser in the bedroom.


It only fell on my head once before it was displaced by the new office area and the oil painting that needed a new home.

As luck would have it, moving the black and white gallery wall from the nursery to its new home in the living room created the perfect new home for my favorite blue map!

Remember this?



Here’s the new result:





And the best part of all…

I still can’t believe that the entire project ended up costing me just Five. Dollars.

Isn’t wrapping paper (and Amazon) the best?!


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