I Think I Blacked Out

I thought you might be curious to know how we feel about excluding blackout shades from our tiny nursery now that we’ve been using the space for a while.

Did we make the right choice to only install light filtering shades?

I admittedly ask myself this question Every. Single. Day.

To tell the truth, I find the variables in Baby Land constantly and utterly overwhelming. Why did he take a short nap? Why did he take a long nap? Why did he sleep through the night? Why didn’t he sleep through the night?

Here is a list of the daily variables we consider:

  • Is he hungry?
  • Is he too full?
  • Is he warm?
  • Is he cold?
  • Is it too bright?
  • Is it too dark?
  • Did the sleep sack help?
  • Did the sleep sack make him uncomfortable?
  • Does he need white noise?
  • Does he prefer heavy rain white noise?
  • Was there too much white noise?
  • Too little white noise?
  • Can he hear me typing in the other room?
  • Is flushing the toilet waking him up?
  • Did I drink too much coffee to keep him from sleeping?
    • (this one is a non-negotiable – Sorry Kip!)
  • Pacifier?
  • No Pacifier?
  • Lullaby?
  • No Lullaby?

I could go on…but I think you get the idea. It is EXHAUSTING!

I find myself becoming dangerously superstitious about his wardrobe, pre-sleeping routines, and my actions during nap time and/or bedtime. It’s becoming absurd.

Would I enjoy being able to roll down the blackout shades and just SEE if it helped him sleep any better or longer? You Bet!

But truthfully, it might not help at all – and just that knowledge isn’t worth 1000 bucks to me. There are plenty of other variables to keep me occupied. If I could spend 1000 dollars and put my mind to rest by exhausting every variable on the list above (and more!) I would do it in a heartbeat!

As I’ve learned in the last 7 months…

Babies Are Just NOT That Simple.

The one perk of an un-blacked out nursery are these (only precious to a mother) photos of my sleeping babe.


Followed by this example of our need for a darker nursery.


That sun hits his eyes, and BOOM nap time is over.

I’m never ready for nap time to be over.

I love my sunshine, but when it’s nap time…

Bring on the Blackout!




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