My Newest Artfully Cozy Corner

Just when I was finally feeling happy with the apartment as a whole, it was time to take everything off the walls and start over.

Luckily, I wasn’t exactly starting over from scratch. I had a lot of art to work with.

Remember these?:


And this little gallery?


And this artwork above the couch?

IMG_2335aWe decided to keep the artwork above the couch just the same, so at least that large blank space didn’t require any brain power. (Well, we still need to add a lamp on the wall – but that’s another day and another post).

The TV moved to the section of wall that was previously occupied by the artwork above the glass-top table, so all of those black frames and prints needed new homes since that space was now “filled.”

The newest blank space sat above the grey chair, between the bookshelves, the nursery wall, and the TV. (The right edge of the photo below).

I knew this was where I wanted to reincorporate the black and white artwork, but I struggled to create a shape that completed the living room, while also leading into the nursery. I wanted to make sure that the art functioned independently in the living room when the shades were down (while the baby is sleeping), but also included the nursery when the shades were up (the majority of the time).

I sat down with all of the artwork and laid out options until I found one that spoke to me:


This one was too boring.


I couldn’t find the right symmetry with these frames.


I really needed the straight lines to match up. The edges still weren’t quite right.


Again, the symmetry was just off.


Eventually, I managed to create this stair step pattern that had flow and felt properly balanced to me.

Getting all of it onto the wall and having it line up the way I wanted was another story. It involved prayers and a lot of holding my mouth just right…and little bit of measuring. If I was nervous, I made sure to place the nail where it could hide under the frame if my placement was off. (I always do this. I have a lot of extra holes in my walls. Shh! Don’t tell my husband).

By the time they were hung to my satisfaction it was nighttime, but I still had to snap a photo to show off my latest accomplishment.


I’m quite pleased with the new cozy corner I created.



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