He’s Here!

Don’t ask me how, but I found a teeny bit of time to blog this morning!!

If you hadn’t guessed by my absence so far, our little boy arrived and is soaking up all of my time. :) It’s even hard for me to tear my eyes away from him to blog while he sleeps next to me.


Christopher Michael was born June 20th at 11:23 am, and weighed in at 7 lb 4 oz.

We will be calling him Kip.

It suits him quite well so far, as do the variety of nicknames: Kipper, Kipster, Kipper Snack…the list goes on.

Of course there were a few nursery projects that didn’t get completed to my satisfaction, but all of the vital areas were ready to go just in time (Thank Goodness!).

I doubt I’ll ever have time to tell you about all of the final projects as I would’ve liked have before, so I’ll throw in a few photos of my favorite details and the (almost) finished product, so you can finally see how it all came together.



A banner from my baby shower now decorates the wall above the doors.


We added custom Roman Shades!!! This one (and ALL of Mom’s hard work) really deserves a post of its own. I’ll do my best to blog on this one next!


This teeny bunny lamp makes me smile every time I walk into the nursery. It’s perfect for nighttime nursing without giving off too much light to wake Mr. Kip. Mom had this one hiding in a cupboard at home in North Carolina. It was love at first sight.


(Taken the evening before we left for the hospital)





My favorite parts of the nursery are hard to pinpoint. I really love how the entire thing came together and that it feels cohesive and complete without feeling overdone. (I tend to overdo things quite easily). I knew that I had to hold myself back in this tight space and be really picky about my patterns and colors. If I’m allowed to say so, I think I did a good job! :)

I love the bookshelves, the rug (who would have thought?! – though it could be softer), the changing pad cover…ok I’m stopping here because I just realized I’m going to list everything in the room. Ugh. Fine. I LOVE HIS NURSERY!

Kip loves staring at the bookshelves, out the window, and dancing (well kicking and squirming) on his changing pad while looking at the room’s reflection in the mirror. He is truly happiest in his nursery.

I’m glad he appreciates all Mommy’s (and Gramma and Grampa’s) hard work. ;)

That’s all for now!

For my next big project: Thank You Notes…

I’ll try to blog again soon!