Pegboard Puzzlement

Last time we talked I had most of the big ticket items in place.

  • Rocker-Recliner
  • DIY Bookshelves
  • Changing Table-Dresser Combo
  • Rug
  • Basic Artwork/Mirrors
  • Lamps
  • Storage Baskets

…you get the idea, we jam packed the room with lots of stuff. There was no denying this little room was a nursery, but just filling it up with baby items wasn’t doing it for me. The room was still missing some functional details and more importantly it lacked that “finished” feeling I was hoping would allow me to breath a sigh of adoration every time I looked at the nursery. Instead, I was feeling pangs of anxiety every time I gazed in that general direction. For a few days after my parents left I felt a little paralyzed. What should I do NEXT?! I had more projects in mind, but wasn’t sure I wanted to attack them in the same way I’d originally planned. I knew I wanted to build the bassinet version of our crib ASAP, but my darling hubby wanted to help (and he was always too tired when he came home from work). I strategically planned decided to wait until Mother’s Day to ask for his help, and we built it with only a few hitches in a couple of hours. It looked alarmingly similar to a cage for an animal, but I hoped that adding cute sheets and a breathable mesh bumper would help us feel like we were nestling our teeny babe in it, instead of simply “containing him” – yikes! I guess all cribs have a rather cage-like look about them, right? I decided to throw a fluffy blanket over the edge in an attempt to soften the feel of our new baby cage crib. IMG_2529a

Once that was completed, I felt like I could finally start to focus on the remaining tasks and decisions. I knew I needed storage over the changing table for diaper supplies, etc. and I was inspired by these peg board style systems:

a1e26d1bb2471ba722b1e66dd148dffaSource: Project Nursery


Source: Pinterest


Source: Right and West


Source: Project Nursery/

I hadn’t yet decided how big our pegboard would be, if I would be painting or stenciling it, and what types of pegboard accessories I would need to collect, when I came across an incredible sale at Michael’s.

The entire Recollections Metal Wall Slat Board collection was 50% off.

I’d been researching narrow peg boards as I was planning to hang my organizational system in the nook next to the changing table:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.36.51 PM

See that awkward open space to the right of the blue table? I was planning to hang all my diapers and changing table needs in that corner, since I wouldn’t have a wall behind the changing table in this nursery configuration.

WELL. As you might recall, that plan changed. But, not until after I had purchased 3 slat boards (planning to hang them in a row vertically) and a slew of accessories at 50% off (just in case I needed them). Michaels has a 90-day return policy, so I could easily return everything if I changed my mind. Mom and I also started collecting wire baskets and containers that could hang from the peg board and further expand my storage options.

Once I had the idea to change the location of the changing table (see below):

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.12.16 PM

I now had a wall for storage, peg board, and artwork!! Hooray!

Plan B involved placing the 3 metal slat boards in a horizontal row on the wall above the changing table, for extremely easy access to diapers, powder, wipes, etc. I didn’t even need to return anything! Perfection!

In a final ground-breaking change of plans, Mom brought along a Target mirror to match the one already hanging in our foyer (that she found for a bargain at Goodwill! – she’s so good!). We played with placing it in the nursery and realized we loved having it bounce light around the room above the changing table. It was the perfect focal point of light and simplicity.  IMG_2429a

As much as I LOVED having the mirror exactly where it was, I’d created a real problem for myself. The slat board had no home. I couldn’t reach the “easily accessible” items if I put the row of 3 panels above the mirror and lamp. The same was true if I hung them vertically next to the window. Hanging them in their originally intended nook, left them too far from being easy to reach too!

I was perplexed, and I NEEDED a convenient home for my diapering supplies!

After a couple weeks of experimenting and researching, I figured out a solution.

Most of the pegboards that inspired me where 75% decoration, and only 25% function. They either had big blank spaces, or large pieces of artwork to fill them up. Maybe I didn’t NEED 3 slat boards. I looked at my Michaels purchases and decided that I could get by with returning everything I’d purchased with one exception.

The Recollections Set came with:

  • 1 slat board
  • 1 long basket
  • 2 J- hooks
  • 2 long peg hooks
  • 5 clips (I still dunno what to use these for!)

At 50% off I had only spent 17.50 on the set and this looked to be everything I needed! I did supplement with a 3$ (Target Dollar Spot) wire desk organizer, which would function as an additional shelf/basket. IMG_2534a Now it was time to hang it! The kit came with all the mounting hardware I would need and a handy dandy template. IMG_2537a

It was hard to trust the super wrinkly template, but I flattened it as much as possible, made sure the lines were level, used a small nail to mark the centers for each pilot hole. Then I removed the template to drill the holes for the anchors they provided.

You had to know something was going to go wrong. Oh, the lovely “anchors they provided.” How nice of them…

IMG_2535aNo matter how big my pilot hole was, my anchor wasn’t strong enough to be hammered into the wall. It’s already completely broken, and not even halfway into the wall. Lovely.

Luckily I had anchors leftover from the Bookshelf Project and decided to go with a sure thing. Yes, I am quite aware that using drywall anchors was extreme overkill. I estimate this tiny pegboard could hold 100-200 pounds of weight after using 4 anchors…but whatever, I was feeling confident and making progress!!



They always make me really nervous as they are going in (and totally tearing up my wall), but I haven’t had a problem with them holding up their end of the bargain yet. Though, we will surely have a lot of hole patching to do when we leave this place someday…

The template did its job and the screws mostly lined up – I blame any inconsistencies on my own drilling skills.

The pegboard storage was up and functioning…


But, it was off. It felt blah, unfinished, and it took away from the pretty mirror. I was a little sick to my stomach, knowing that I’d put 4 HUGE holes in that wall to hang something that I was not so crazy about.

What now?

I’d already considered painting it the same color as the wall…but since it was shiny metal, I really didn’t think that was going to work out in my favor.

Then I remembered that I had leftover contact paper (from an earlier changing table project that I haven’t told you about yet, because it didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping…and the contact paper is kind of falling off ALREADY. True story).

Thankfully, I had a scrap big enough to cover this little square and covering the smooth metal proved FAR easier than my previous attempt working with this stuff.

1. Measure and cut to size.


2. Stick it on, and smooth out any wrinkles.


3. Make sure you like what you did. :D


I was very pleased. The peg board blended with the wall, but in an interesting and delicate way. It was the perfect camouflage for the stark white metal that was hiding underneath.

Now, before you think I’ve lost my mind AGAIN, I did realize I was covering up all of the slats. Before forgetting exactly where I needed to slit the contact paper with an exacto knife I took pictures! Tada! (I’m pretty proud of myself for thinking ahead on this one).


I still made a couple of slits that didn’t need to be there, but you can’t tell once everything is up and loaded with baby products. See? (I’m sure this will evolve, once we collect all our supplies, and know what we really need for our diaper changing process).


I personally think the contact paper made all the difference. Now the pegboard meshes with the rest of the room. Phew!

Here’s one more photo that gives a better idea of the actual colors and overall feeling of brightness in the room.


It almost makes you want to change diapers, right?! Here’s hoping…


I can’t believe the room is practically ready…and so is he!!