Little by Little

The nursery is FINALLY feeling settled.

For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to blog about the progress that was taking place until I could see the glimmering finish line. It made me realize that most of my previous blogging only chronicled projects that I daydreamed over, under, and around, for a year until I charged forward – feeling very sure of what the apartment needed, and the aesthetic I desired.

The nursery was a bit of a mystery. I knew what photos I found inspiring, but working within this little space forced me to settle in ways I couldn’t envision from a Pinterest post. I found myself taking risks that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with if we didn’t have a baby deadline.

I also wasn’t entirely sure which elements we truly needed! What would our specific parenting needs be? Ideally they would evolve around the way I’d structured the room…but I could still be totally wrong about needing an actual changing table or a rocker/recliner! There is no way to predict the future – but it sure would have made decision-making easier on me!!

In the end, the wall was constructed, the room constraints were set, the furniture was purchased and revived, Mom and Dad brought it all the way to NYC for me, and it was time to see the results.

After what felt like a million trips to the car and back with all the little things we needed: artwork, pillows, tools, mirrors, storage solutions, fabric, luggage, etc. – it was time to bring in the big boys!

We had to ask to use the service elevator to bring up the desk and chair. After patiently waiting a few hours for it to be free, we narrowly missed a downpour and managed to get both pieces into the elevator at the same time. The event we’d been waiting (FOREVER) for took less than 10 minutes to complete. The desk and chair were finally in my apartment.

Luckily, Mom made me take a deep breath and organize things before I just asked everyone to throw all the heavy stuff into the tiny space.

First, we needed to place the rug. I showed Mom how scratchy the rug was in person (she’d heard plenty about it over the phone and FaceTime already), and she asked about my plans to cushion it with a rug pad. It’s true, I ordered a rug pad from Overstock a few weeks ago, but I was fairly certain that the doors would not clear both the rug and rug pad (though I specifically asked the contractors to allow space). They fiddled and fiddled just to make room for the rug and I was too defeated to even try fitting the rug pad underneath. Besides, if I just kept it in its packaging, couldn’t I send it right back more easily?? Thankfully, Mom made me pull it out and give it a try.

I have no idea where the space under the door came from, but the rug pad worked!! Miracle of miracles, the doors didn’t rub the rug and the pad made the scratchiness far more bearable. Hopefully with time and wear, the rug will continue to soften and I won’t even notice the pokey fibers. In the meantime, I’ll put a blanket down for baby boy’s comfort…something easily washable in case of baby leakage.

Next up, the 10 dollar recliner! He got an upholstery upgrade thanks to a generous baby gift from my Mom and Grandma. (We realized we were in over our DIY heads on this one). Remember when he looked like this?


I feel like the host of What Not to Wear presenting his Fresh New Look…


What a difference!! It’s even prettier than what I was envisioning. Yes, I’ve considered the fact that I might be absolutely crazy for placing an off-white upholstered chair in a little boy’s nursery…but the summer sun would have faded anything else colorful before we was even old enough to sit up! I’ve already used the Scotch Guard a few times. You’ll see it pop up in my photos, I’m sure. I’ll be doing my best to preserve the beauty of this cozy chair!

As for placement…the latest floor plan (as you might remember) had it fitting in the corner where the grey chair originally sat. I made sure to leave enough space for the chair to rock, and was telling me that the swing of the door would have NO problem clearing the chair. Do you agree?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.12.16 PM

I guess, that one corner of the chair that’s closest to the window really doesn’t leave much space for rocking after all. AND, rockers lean back once you sit in them, and then require even MORE clearance for actual rocking. For now, we have a solid rock and bump happening, with the chair as close to the swinging door as possible. Luckily, the chair slides back and forth quite easily, so if we (aka the baby) requires more aggressive or smoother rocking we can pull the chair into the room a bit more and slide it back when he’s calmed down.

Here is a terrible photo of the chair moments after being placed in its new home. (I was rushing and excited – the photos will get better.)


The desk was next! You’ll have to excuse the piles around and on top of the desk…this is another “in progress” photo.


It fits! The top drawer even clears the AC unit! (We measured that detail, but you never know until everything is in its place). had predicted that the door wouldn’t clear the corner of the desk, but I was still hoping for a miracle. It’s quite close…but no dice. If I hold the door and my mouth just right I can open the left side drawers while the door is open, but I don’t really think that fuss is worth it. It’s not a big deal to swing the door shut behind me if I need to access the dresser (as it might now be called). It will be even easier to maneuver around the room when I don’t have an extremely large bump on my front side.

We still had a lot of decision-making ahead of us in these photos. Which art – and where? What goes in the drawers? How many lamps does one nursery need? How on Earth am I going to fit a crib in here too?!

It doesn’t seem right to ask you to read so much explanation without some better (less hastily taken) images to gaze at. Here are a couple of photos after a few more decisions were made. It gives you a better idea of the actual desk color and the beginnings of our organization and styling.



In the next post we start utilizing that vital vertical storage space and figuring out the flow for our new little nest.

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