Best Parents Ever: Part One

I owe my parents BIG TIME!  I generally title my posts after they are written, just in case they take a surprising twist – which happens quite often actually. After counting the times Mom and Dad are mentioned in this post…I knew this one had to be all about them!

I originally started off talking about the placement of furniture in the new room and whether or not the nursery “fit” into place. It’s hard not to jump ahead to the all the pretty pictures when you are narrating the creation of a new space. (I’m dying to share right now!).

Luckily, I realized I would be cutting out a huge part of the process if I didn’t include all the hard work that Mom and Dad did finishing up MY projects (that always manage to be harder than we expected) and hauling everything to New York for me.

They’ve done an incredible amount of work helping me create this nursery. This space would be nothing without Mom’s keen eye, creative ideas, talented fingers, and Dad’s willingness to take on a project (or five) with lots of directions and bossing from his girls. (Sorry Dad!).

Nursery Mood Board

Remember this? My mood board had been helping me to visualize the space for months, while I (patiently?) waited for the room to be constructed, the chair to be upholstered, the desk to be painted, the crib to be built…you get the idea. Thankfully, I had the rug with me in the apartment to toss around and play nursery from time to time. The rest of the big-ticket items would have to arrive after with Mom and Dad.

The anticipation was killing me!! I couldn’t wait to finally put the finished pieces together in the space!

While I worked hard on a number of projects with Mom while I was home in NC, Dad really saved the day with his hard work desk painting, shelf staining, and spray painting.

The desk wasn’t so easy on him.

When Mom brought it home from the Goodwill, it looked like this:IMG_1151a


Rather than sand down the delicate bamboo details, we opted to spray the desk with a coat of clear texturizing spray. We hoped this would help the paint adhere to the somewhat glossy finish.



We picked up 4 cans of out the best glossy navy spray paint we could find at Lowe’s, and let Dad work his magic.

Indigo Cloth Spray paint


We were hoping to match the blue desk from the Mood Board:


Dad started painting and we thought we had a perfect color match, but he wasn’t happy with the quality of the paint coming out of the can. Despite shaking the can thoroughly, it was as if the color was changing shades as the paint can emptied.


You can see the shade variation after quite a few cans of paint:


After I was already back in New York, Mom and Dad decided to throw the towel in on the spray painting, and attempted to hand paint the desk with a high gloss oil based paint instead. (They really are too good to me). We had no idea this would be SUCH a project!

We went with a darker navy this time (because I was being fickle, and worried that the room was going to feel a bit too bright and cartoonish).  Mom and Dad color matched the new oil-based paint to Valspar Indigo Steamer spray paint (which wasn’t available in a gloss finish – which is why we didn’t use it before). aab5a73a7bbd14e388472839443ef951

Source: Country Blue Farms

Thankfully Dad was willing to give it one more shot and we all prayed the paint would have time to dry before they needed to load the desk in the car to begin the journey to New York.

In the middle of all that mess, Dad was also spray painting the desk hardware. I thought about cleaning the pulls with the same process I used for my antique dresser pulls, but I realized that these were not as high quality and I wasn’t even sure they were dirty as much as they were chipped.

Dad had this ingenious way of holding them steady while he painted them…a few times (maybe 4 or 5 times? I was SO indecisive!). I don’t where he came up with this idea, but it needs to be shared.




After an exciting (to put it nicely) delay on the reupholstery of the new chair, the desk had an extra day or so to dry and I had time to clean and prep the apartment for the new arrivals (M&D and the furniture!).

Mom took photos of the loading process for me. She’s exceptionally good at making things fit. :)

First goes the desk – Look how pretty that blue is!!





The chair is next!!



And then…everything else!



This is the last photo taken before they arrived at my apartment (accidentally driving across Manhattan from the Lincoln Tunnel to the Midtown Tunnel).

Don’t worry, I fed them before we unloaded, and then we all got to work!

More on that tomorrow in Best Parents Ever: Part Two!

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