Floor Plan Tetris: Testing it Out

As I’ve already mentioned, I was getting some SERIOUS anxiety over whether or not the rest of the room was going to work once this wall was up.

My poor husband was dealing with a pregnant, overly emotional, anxiety-filled Melissa (who was giving herself terrible heartburn from stressing out), along with some serious paint fumes, and an apartment without cable or wi-fi (as both were still unplugged).

We needed to put this room back together ASAP so both of us could have some sanity (his in the form of video games…mine in the form of happily soaking up our new creation).

He (thank goodness!) wouldn’t let me move everything back into place until he was able to personally tackle the leftover paint  on our floors. (At this point, I was SO ready to throw a rug over it and reclaim the couch!). This involved paint thinner…and fumes…and I was very kindly asked to shut myself in the bedroom and read/nap/relax while he scrubbed.

Then, we had to wait for the paint thinner to dry before we could actually start moving things around, and when we were FINALLY ready to go, there was SO MUCH DUST on everything that we needed to clean each piece (though plastic covered) throughly before continuing. It was a process.

To add to the fun, I kept running in circles around him with a tape measure, making sure that everything REALLY was going to fit!

As to where everything was going to go…I should probably catch you up on my latest plans and schemes:

This is where we left off. Why yes, there IS a tiny turquoise bookshelf in the middle of the room!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.29.17 PM

After pondering this floor plan for a while (really, every day until I figured out 10 more solutions) I settled on this setup:

Most important to note, is that the bookshelf now has a home next to the kitchen table.

I figured we would place most of the books on the new bookshelves I was envisioning for the nursery, and this piece of furniture could hold baskets of bottles, bibs, cookbooks, and any other kitchen/bookshelf/baby overflow.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.36.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.45.42 PM

(Note: ignore the table behind the couch in the above plans. We were trying to figure out lighting solutions, but this idea didn’t cut the mustard for me).

Then I switched around the nursery a little more…

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.12.16 PM

By having the crib/bassinet (on wheels) in front of the left door, I could move the crib where and when I needed to and have the rest of the room open with less glass (and therefore sunlight) being blocked by the changing table. I can also open both doors when the crib/bassinet is in our bedroom, and utilize the wall above the changing table for storage! It seemed like a no-brainer when I finally placed it there. How hadn’t I thought of this before?!

I do have plans for the awkward corner between the changing table and the temporary wall…but they are still developing and I don’t want to spill any ideas just yet.

First, we moved the rug, the couch, and the grey chair into position:


It fit JUST like I was hoping!!! The TV still needed to be moved back toward the wall, but I was overjoyed with the results so far!

Next came the table and bookshelf:



Miraculously, I didn’t even need to re-center the light fixture! It just WORKED! Hallelujah! I even had space to pull out and sit in the chairs on either side of the table. (I was not so sure this would be the case…serious cause for celebration here!).

The wall art is clearly thrown on existing nails for imagination’s sake, and we have yet to address some serious lack of nighttime lighting solutions, but otherwise…I think it’s perfect.

My husband and I don’t even miss the space that now belongs to the nursery. (Of course, I love it in its own right). We are both pretty amazed at the amount of space that we simply weren’t utilizing before.

See for yourself:


(with desk area already relocated)



(the oil painting above the couch is on the same nails in both photos for reference)


We have a long way to go before things are entirely settled in our new arrangement, but I’m so thankful that it feels as sunny and bright as ever, without feeling smushed together (like I was dreading).

I’ll get back to you on that smushed feeling once we add a stroller, a baby, and ALL his stuff to the mix… :)

But for now, it’s time to get some coffee!

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