Sayonara Serenity

Happy Pressurized Wall Eve!

The furniture is as squished in the corner as my husband and I can get it, and the open space at the end of the room looks pretty spacious for the nursery! My fingers and toes are crossed that it still looks this good tomorrow night…you know, when there’s a windowed wall cutting through the middle of our living space.

We had some friends drop by on Saturday which gave me the perfect excuse to have things looking put-together one last time before it all gets shaken up.

I realized that I didn’t have any officially decent photos of the space (without laundry, random shoes, shopping bags, coffee, etc) so I had a mini photo shoot to remember and share the cozy living room I love.

I’d already moved the office area to the bedroom, so ignore the director’s chair and awkward floor lamp. Oh, AND the crib box/nursery items that are already jammed in the corner by the kitchen. (Apparently, I still didn’t manage to catch this room at its best!)

Without any further excuses, the living room:

IMG_2328a IMG_2329a IMG_2330a IMG_2332a IMG_2335a

The bright sunshine makes this room difficult and yet beautiful to capture in a moment.

There are so many mini-projects still to share, but it felt right to share these pristine conditions before the massive mess tomorrow!

Here goes nothing!!

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