Pre-Spring Procrastination

There are so many things that I could have titled this blog: Long Time No See, The Waiting Game, Twiddling my Thumbs, Project Pause, Nothing New in NYC…you get the idea.

It’s been a LONG time since my last post, and I’ve missed blogging! I’ve also been totally confused about what to write about next. Every time I start to plan my next post, I talk myself out of it because the project doesn’t seem big enough, isn’t finished yet, or is still in NC waiting to be delivered to New York by my (incredibly helpful) parents.

Half of me is dying to rearrange the furniture, just to make absolutely sure (I’m still not confident) that everything will fit. Meanwhile, the other half of me is desperate to maintain the calmness and order in our apartment as long as possible. Why move everything closer together just to smush ourselves into one end of the room when we don’t even know for sure when the wall will be going up? (Oh, and there’s no actual baby to make room for until July!). It just didn’t make any sense.

So, in a fashion that is very unlike me…I procrastinated.  If Spring was happy to procrastinate, so was I.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sit and watch an entire season of anything on Hulu…though I did try (nothing really grabbed my attention). I waited to share until I had something important to say. I also managed to keep pretty busy planning, prepping, and researching.

Prepping for a baby is a pretty insane task. Especially when you consider that you won’t ever be truly prepared until you actually bring home this teeny tiny miracle who is crying and pooping all day and all night. Still, you have to TRY to prepare or people will wonder why you decided to have a baby in the first place. (Don’t get me wrong! I’m EXTREMELY excited to be a mom! I’m just trying my best to take a relaxed, “here goes nothing”/”why stress?” approach).

Let’s just say you could have a career in researching baby products and hypothesizing about which ones you will and won’t need, and how much your home can fit before it feels too full. I have no idea. Please don’t ask me any questions or make suggestions. I’ve made my decisions and they might be totally wrong…but for now I’m just going to wait to find out. :) I’d like to call this phase the Blissful Ignorance Countdown.  In July, I’ll have all my answers. :)

The good news is, that it’s April! The ball has finally started rolling on the major projects, and it’s going to get pretty exciting around here very soon! The extended winter completely crippled my productivity, but the sunshine and warmer temps are doing wonders for my work ethic nowadays!

Here’s the breakdown of projects that were recently finished or will be coming up in the next few weeks!

  • Installation of new shades in the living room/nursery
  • Reversing the swing of the bathroom door
  • DIY crib sheets
  • DIY lampshade upgrade
  • Moving my “office space” to the bedroom
  • Installation of the pressurized wall (Only 8 days Away!!)
  • Reorganizing/Rearranging EVERYTHING in the living room (fingers crossed!!)
  • Mom and Dad arrive in NYC with changing table/rocker-recliner, etc!
  • Mom and Melissa projects commence: roman shades, etc!
  • Install shelving in nursery
  • Install pegboard in nursery
  • DIY mobile
  • DIY burp cloths
  • Organize EVERYTHING! :) Find a home for things displaced, new additions, and PURGE what we don’t need.

It looks so manageable in list form…if only!

I promise to be back tomorrow with a project or two. Somehow, it feels like getting reacquainted and refocused might be enough for a Monday.

Just for fun, here’s sneak-peek of the projects I’ve been working on lately:


Can’t wait to share more tomorrow! Happy Monday!

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