Nursery Mood Board Reveal!

Let’s start things off a little backwards today.

Here is my latest Nursery Mood Board!

Nursery Mood Board

1. Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – Rocky Mountain Sky   2. PB inspired Wing Chair Rocker   3. Vintage Faux Bamboo Desk as Changing Table   4. Ikat Fabric Accents  5. Stokke Sleepi Crib   6. Oil Painting formerly in the bedroom   7. Layla Grayce Rug

Now let me explain how I got here.

This color scheme and most of these items were selected before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. Poor baby girl would have been living it up in a beautiful (if things turn out as planned) blue and green nursery. I was going to add more ruffles and bows for her…but since that’s no longer an issue, we are moving onward without worrying about feminine details!

You already heard about the rug saga, and the miraculous wing chair discovery, but the rest of these items are new to you!

Throughout this process it has been so helpful to be able to see all of the potential nursery items (as they would look finished) in one place. I ended up simply copying and pasting the images into a word document so that I could easily move items in and out without having to create a whole new document every time. These documents were especially helpful as we were trying to figure out which rocking chair we preferred.

Here are a couple earlier versions…

mood board1 mood board2 mood board3

As you can see, the changing table and the rug didn’t budge, but I changed my mind on the crib, the fabric, and the rocking chair a few times before settling on the latest mood board.

The crib wasn’t so much of an aesthetic decision as a “right place, right time – surprise we own a crib!” moment. It’s actually an interesting story, so I think I’ll save it for tomorrow, but the changing table I’ll share about today.

My Mom has always had a thing for faux bamboo furniture. In the 1970s she was decorating my parents’ first home and tried to locate a faux bamboo/Chinese Chippendale chair and the local furniture stores in Wisconsin had no idea what she was talking about. (She should have been a decorator).

It wasn’t until the existence of the internet and eBay that she was finally able to acquire her first faux bamboo piece. It was a darling chair that she paid to have shipped via Greyhound bus from NJ to our home in NC.

Some time after that she got into “thrift shopping” instead of just antique shopping (like she’d always done) and the faux bamboo started popping up all around her.

One day (a few years ago) she called me and told me that she had found a faux bamboo desk and she didn’t know what to do. I told her to GO GET IT! It was $50 at the local Goodwill (a big chunk of change for Goodwill!) and the drawers were inserted incorrectly so (lucky for us) it looked in worse shape than it was. She knew the quality wasn’t the top of line (most likely a knockoff) but it was good enough for us!

I knew my parents weren’t planning a trip to NYC anytime soon, but thankfully they were willing to store it for me until I moved back to North Carolina, or came to pick it up and drive it up myself.

This is what it looked like when it came home:


One of the drawers is pulled out for some reason, but it is accounted for, and as you can see the bones are GREAT! It just needs some DIY love.

Once I started looking up faux bamboo desks online and saw the prices people were asking, I was SO happy that Mom went back to get this desk when she did! These things are selling on Etsy for $300-600 and on One Kings Lane in the $1000s! Not only do I love this desk…I love that we got it for such a great price!!


Source: One Kings Lane (originally $1200, now $645).

This original Henry Link design below is clearly what my desk was trying to emulate. There aren’t as many details on the back legs and the rungs that attach them, but the rest of the desk matches perfectly. They even painted this beauty navy blue (which is exactly what we are planning to do) so that I can easily imagine my final product!!


Source: Bamboo Furniture Blog (no longer priced on One Kings Lane)

I don’t remember when it occurred to us to use this as a changing table (I think it was pre-baby existence), but I was eager to have any excuse to bring this beauty into my apartment!

I’m heading home a week from today to help Mom and Dad out with more DIY projects, and painting the desk is on the list!! I can’t WAIT to see how it turns out!

That feeling of desperation to put the completed pieces together in the space is starting to become overwhelming! I’m trying to slow myself down as much as possible and enjoy my apartment as it is now: clutter free (mostly), baby free, and calm. I know that won’t be the case once the baby gets here!!

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