Snow Days & Online Shopping: Peas in a Pod

I’m a pretty highly motivated person. Sometimes my need to be productive drives my husband crazy, especially over the weekend. But then, there are days like today. Finding motivation to be productive when it’s snowing outside, is not something I think I’ll ever truly conquer.

I think it has something to do with growing up in North Carolina. I’ve tried to explain this theory to my husband a few times. He has far less of a problem getting up and heading out to work when the whole world is white outside. On the other hand, I feel compelled to beg him to stay under the covers and insist that we watch cartoons and drink hot chocolate all day long.

That’s what you DO when it snows! You don’t go to school, you don’t go to work, the town is supposed to SHUT DOWN. Come on NC, am I right?!

Let me just say, snow days are glorious!

There’s so much anticipation and excitement. You celebrate seeing the first flakes finally fall. You skip a little bit of your homework because you’re too busy watching the closure notices on the news. Then there’s the official confirmation of NO SCHOOL, the building of a snowman covered in grass (because there isn’t really enough snow for a snowman, but you’re going to make it happen), and most importantly the free pass to be lazy all day long because you simply CAN’T go anywhere!

I sure do miss those days.

New York City likes to do things a bit differently.

There is no excitement on the news over an inch or so of snow. The subways are ALWAYS running, so you can always get where you need to go. Your office definitely isn’t going to understand if you “can’t make it in” because of the snow. And don’t even get me started on going to auditions in the snow. Even with perilous windchill warnings, the audition happens on time with a huge turnout. We all dutifully go from thoroughly bundled in parkas and boots to our tights and leotards (it’s winter…nobody really wants to show bare legs on a snow day) and 3 inch heels. Red lipstick, curled hair, it’s all there…just like any other day. Worst of all, we aren’t even getting paid to be there.

Sometimes I want to yell, “It’s SNOWING! Shouldn’t we all just go home and watch movies and celebrate?!”

I think the Carolina girl in me will always feel that snow is magical and worthy of a celebration of laziness. I secretly hope that never changes.

Right now, we have the most beautiful chunky flitting and floating snowflakes…and sunshine. The sunshine is really killing my lazy vibe.

If I MUST be productive today (and you’d like to be too) I’d suggest some online window shopping research from the couch.

These are my two favorite places to shop online for home goods:

H&M Home:

I can’t remember who told me about this hidden gem, but I still can’t believe the prices! Their stuff turns over pretty quickly and dramatically season to season, but for the most part it’s good quality and only $5 shipping! It’s a step up from IKEA and a less expensive version of CB2, and a lot of it is very cute!

They aren’t into full-scale furniture yet, but they have pillows and pillow covers, duvet covers, rugs, towels, curtains, shower curtains, seriously charming accessories, baskets, bins, and more! Check it Out!




Zara Home: 

I discovered this wonderland while I was on my honeymoon in Europe. My poor husband! I saw the first store the night before we left London, but it was already closed for the evening. He let me go in the Zara Home (yes they have their own STORE, not just a small section in Zara), while we were in Paris…but I was strongly encouraged not to buy anything. Finally in Spain (the birthplace of Zara), he decided that bringing home a few classy home items from a Spanish store wouldn’t be a terrible souvenir. After we’d had a decent amount of Sangria I was allowed to hit 2 different Zara Home stores in search of the perfect tokens to remind us of our travels.

Unlike H&M Zara Home has a full line of furniture, lamps, dishes, silverware, knobs and pulls, a children’s line, wallpaper, plus everything H&M carries and it is all gorgeous. It’s like going into HomeGoods…but better! I wish we had one here so you could see the amazing quality and detail of every item. It’s certainly more pricey than H&M (though it felt so affordable when I was spending Euros), but the quality and style is worth the price. I haven’t braved looking at shipping costs (because I might not be able to stop myself from placing an order). When we have a bigger home, my husband and I are shopping Zara Home as much as possible (because he liked it too!).

I ended up with a marble soap dish that we use for our keys, a gold accent plate in the shape of a leaf that makes me smile every time I see it, and a rustic wooden hook for our bathroom. Unfortunately, none of these items are available anymore, but here are a few selections of their Spring/Summer Look Book that have me drooling!

4db3434cd0865c57afbe7e9dd6bc6a29 2455ad799f9f5e56b708f2c9a7a14ca8 4ed8464ab25c94538e7ea309d8f17e45 ce2dc5a38bcfe7df66ccac4ce589757b 9b5405cc1652c5ae5920b4a743b05023 a7284a4f3622b100c8746eb6e61a0bcd

So many beautiful things! Check it out!

Now that the sun is officially shining and the snow has stopped. It might be time for me to get dressed and head out into the cold. If nothing else, the promise of an iced coffee from Starbucks can always get me moving.

I hope you enjoy some Zara and H&M eye candy!

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