Is It All Going to Fit?!

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time daydreaming lately. I imagine what our little boy will look like when he’s born, when he’s a toddler, when I take him to Kindergarten, and even college. It’s impossible to get right…but it’s still fun to ponder.

I’ve also been spending a majority of my daydreams thinking about the nursery and the crazy transformation that’s about to take place in our home.

I slide the furniture around in my mind and occasionally pull out a tape measure, just to make sure it’s all going to fit.

I’ve created mood boards for myself and the random collection of nursery decor I’ve started collecting, again making SURE it all will really go together.

We picked out our nursery’s bare essentials and hunted the most collapsible baby products available, but still I wonder…IS IT ALL GOING TO FIT?!

I hit the boiling point last night, when I attempted to create a floor plan and added our furniture to scale. I have to tell you – I’m in a state of panic. I don’t think it is all going to fit.

Let me share the original vision with you:

Last May: “Let’s just add a wall like these people! They still have TONS of space (with a Christmas tree)! We will too!” – naive Melissa and Mike


I even figured out how we could arrange all the furniture.

On the TV wall:

  • – Get rid of the glass top table (seen below). It hardly has a purpose in the current apartment, and we can slide the TV and bookshelf down into its place. The chair can go where the Christmas tree was, or where the chair is in the first photo. EASY!


On the couch wall:

  • Move the “office area” to the bedroom.
  • Move Mike’s dresser to make space for the “office” wall.
  • Place dresser across from the bed
  • Slide the hamper and chair down to make room.
  • EASY!



  • Couch only needs to slide down a few inches toward the kitchen table.
  • Get a new/smaller end table (only needs to be big enough for a lamp).
  • EASY!


This floor plan might help:

I made this when we first moved in to our apartment to describe the furniture layout and the items I wanted to add (in green) and replace (in red). It’s actually remained quite accurate, even if you ignore all the colors and know that all the boxes are pieces of furniture that exist in those spots in our apartment today.

furniture floor plan

Can you see how the desk could move from the corner of the living room to the corner of the bedroom? See how the dresser could join the hamper across from the bed to make room for the desk? I imagined the new wall wouldn’t go much past the place where the couch sits, so it would only need to move down a bit.

It all looks so good (and EASY), right?!

Last May: “So it’s decided then. We can totally fit a baby in this apartment! Hooray! This changes everything!” – the naive couple said.

Part of me wants to end this blog post right here. After all, this is the assumption I’ve been operating under and daydreaming over for the last 9 months! It’s so bright and shiny and fun to think about.

Unfortunately, for all of my measuring and mental furniture re-arranging, I was mistaken. At least I think I was.

While I was at home in NC I started worrying about how the nursery would fit together. I had a vision in my mind, (SPOILER ALERT) and after we decided to buy a rocker-recliner for an amazing price, I wanted to make SURE my basic furniture needs could fit in my space.

The only problem was, I didn’t measure out all the nooks and crannies before I left (remember that post about Long-Distance Decorating? Turns out I was unprepared after all).

My floor plan provided by the building was somewhat helpful, but it was missing a lot of key measurements that I needed before I could start placing furniture around the HVAC unit, etc.


Mom and I dug around and found a few random measurements from furniture shopping trips and new window shade research, but we still were majorly guessing on the depth of the two set-backs.

With the help of I attempted to create my nursery nook with furniture to scale.

Did my vision work in the space? Not quite the way I’d hoped. Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.27.40 AM

I took a screenshot of my plan to share with you. All the extra space, isn’t really there. Those are all the spots where the walls close in next to window. The big empty space on the left side of the room will be filled with floor to ceiling shelves, following the example of the nursery pictured at the very top of the post.

It’s pretty tight…but it works. We will keep the one French door closed (an unfortunate sacrifice…and the doors will actually open into the nursery…I changed that later). The crib is on wheels, so I should be able to swivel it where I need it to go if there isn’t enough space to get to the changing table. For the first few months we will be using the crib in its bassinet version, hence the oval in the oval. Most likely the bassinet will be in our room for the night and wherever we want it for naps. The nursery will feel largest while the baby is the smallest…but don’t let that fool you, we’re still struggling with space.

The last problem I will present today, is the living room. When I made a scale model of the room (to the best of my ability and measuring skills) I’m fairly sure that my original plan is not going to work.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.29.17 PM

Although things look hunky-dory in here, there is clearly a bookshelf in the middle of the room that doesn’t belong there. There is also no side table on either end of the couch, and no source of light in this room other than the light over the table. I attempted to install this light with the upcoming nursery addition in mind…so I’d like it to remain where it is if at all possible (hence the close proximity of the table to the couch…withOUT a side table).


I’m. In. Trouble.

Let me also remind you that this apartment must find space to accommodate a stroller, a car seat (because we do not have a car to store it in), a high chair, baby toys, baby seats, baby tubs, baby everything! We cannot park the stroller in the hall (building rules).

I hate to admit it, but I’m a little stumped and super stressed about where everything will fit.

I was working on problem solving the whole situation, before I shared my “brilliant” solution with you…but then I decided to be real and let you in on how messy the process gets at times.

I created this space for my husband and I, not knowing that we might seriously consider adding a baby to our 700 square feet. I probably would have done a few things differently if this had been our plan from the beginning. For now, I’ll just try to roll with the punches and find a way to work it out!

Sometimes these things take weeks for me to figure out. Maybe I’ll find a solution this afternoon (I hope so!). Until then, I need to get out of my apartment because I can’t stop feeling like the walls are closing in on me and my furniture rearranging daydreams!

Wish Me Luck!

Any ideas?

(Right now, I’m planning to park the stroller between the bar stools and the table, and store the car seat between the barstools and the wall – FYI!)

4 thoughts on “Is It All Going to Fit?!

  1. Don’t panic! You will figure it out, you creative beast! I don’t know how high your ceilings are, but don’t overlook storage space in the air – it looks like you have a space above your front door – you can install a shelf over the door into the hallway to store decorations and seasonal clothes to open up more convenient storage for baby things:)


  2. Congrats again guys!!! We can’t wait to meet baby Pfaffy!! A few thoughts: 1) check out inglesina – we use it instead of a high chair. It attaches to the counter top. 2) you could try a snap n go and use it with the car seat as the initial stroller – it would save the room of having both. I’ve have some friends who did that until the baby was big enough for an umbrella stroller. Good luck with the planning – I’m sure it will look great when you are done!!


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