Rug Regrets

I knew that adding another rug to our living room space was bound to be a challenge. After all, it only needed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the things we already owned and loved, and anchor our nursery…which is essentially an extension of our living room. Sounds easy enough…

In case you need a reminder, our plan for “How to Fit a Nursery into a 700 sq ft Apartment” last looked like this.

The blog entry linked above is “Is It All Going to Fit?!” and the answer I came up with – not a chance.

Just for fun, let’s live in the blissful world where I hadn’t figured that out and I was happily rug shopping for that perfect piece. Deal?

These were the basic guidelines and limitations for the nursery and therefore the rug:

  • Nursery color scheme will be the same as the rest of the living room, regardless of baby’s gender.
    • Blue, Green, Grey, White
  • Nursery will be tiny (approximately 6 feet deep)
    • Rug must fit!! (4×6 or 5×7 most likely)
  • Rug should be easily washed
  • Rug should be soft for playtime/etc
  • Rug will sit next to our blue and white rug
  • My opinion: Ideally rug will be somewhat neutral
  • My Hubby’s opinion: Ideally rug will be eye-catching and bright

Those last two are always the most interesting…

I’d been pinning rugs on Pinterest ever since the baby was just an idea. What can I say? I like to be prepared, to plan…and to shop!

These were some of my (neutral) favorites:


Source: Pinterest – Joss and Main


Source: Pottery Barn Kids


Source: Pottery Barn Kids


Source: Pinterest – Layla Grace (no longer available)

But I knew that these were more Dad friendly:


Source: Layla Grace


Source: Layla Grace


Source: Layla Grace


Source: Layla Grace

What can I say? My husband loves bright colors. Honestly, I’m not complaining!

Although, I will say that he recently informed me that we have too much grey in our home. I was getting the idea that he wanted the nursery to be bright and playful instead of peaceful and serene. I could see where he was coming from. I was worried about under or over stimulating our little babe, but I also had this vision of a perfectly delicate (very) little nuetral nursery.

So I did what any wife would do.

I cornered him and made him look at rug options on Pinterest with me. :)

When he got excited about one, I couldn’t believe how enthusiastic he was! That was it, decision made. Can you guess which rug? Don’t worry I didn’t let him see the lime green one…he really has a thing for that color. :/


This Layla Grace (almost) chevron rug felt graphic and fun without being too babyish to fit in with the rest of our house.

I was a little nervous about the creaminess of the white, but this picture on the website made me feel like it was more white than it appeared on my bright white computer screen. Besides, look at all the white that it’s paired with in the room!


Source: Layla Grace

I wasn’t exactly confident that the colors of the stripes were just right, but Layla Grace was offering a nice site-wide discount and free shipping. I figured that if it was that horrible I could pay to ship it back.

It arrived about a week after ordering and I couldn’t wait to see the results!

I was expecting it to be a similar texture and construction to the runner in the foyer (see below), and I was praying that the colors meshed with the rest of our belongings!!


It arrived after the sun had gone down, but even without natural light I could tell that it was definitely bright…


The green was less fresh and springy than I’d hoped, but it wasn’t terrible. The turquoise introduced a new color to the room, but I liked it. The blue was more royal than navy, but since we have a wide range of blues happening in the living room – I thought we’d be ok.

The troubling part was the rug’s texture. It wasn’t nearly as soft as the rug I had in the foyer, and every so often something sharp would poke me as I walked across it or sat on it.

I immediately checked the return paperwork, just to see how much this might cost me. Interestingly enough, I also saw that I would owe a $75 restocking fee if I returned the rug. UGH. Where was this information when I was ORDERING?! (It’s under the Shipping/Returns tab that I didn’t open since I knew that shipping was free. It also says that SOME items MAY incur a restocking fee. This would have been NICE to know BEFOREHAND!).

Now I was pretty angry, and determined not to return the rug.

After further inspection, I realized that the description shed some light on the scratchy stuff:

  • “Company C crafts an inviting, evocative collection of home textiles and accessories with a passion for stunning color and bold graphics. Inspired by 1960s pop art, this flatweave rug awakens a home with its contemporary chevron print. The soft floor covering’s Capri blue, turquoise, ecru and green stripes pop in a modern kitchen, family room or hallway. Rug is made from hand-woven wool using centuries-old techniques. Professional cleaning and rug pad recommended.”

My best guess is that the centuries-old techniques leave behind some sharp fibers. (I’m guessing it’s part of the wool husk –  is that even a thing? You know, the outside of the seed…the scratchy part). I tried pulling them out by hand, but there were more everywhere I turned. Next, I decided to vacuum the rug and see if that helped – not much. I finally gave in and turned on the TV to distract myself from the irking task of feeling around for sharp fibers and pulling them out with tweezers – fun stuff…

Oh, AND I found this!!


What’s the store policy on the restocking fee for a rug that is damaged?! …I dunno I never called to ask because I’m a chicken. This could have been the answer to my prayers, but I’d already pulled out SO many fibers, the colors weren’t right anyway, and I figured that they couldn’t guarantee that the drips wouldn’t be present on the next rug. I still should have called. Too late now.

The next morning I pulled it out into the living room to see the real color issues we were dealing with:


As you can see, the green of the rug matches the pillow in the grey chair pretty well. The blues…well they clearly don’t match, period. I’m hopeful that we won’t notice that as much, once everything else is in the room. Last color issue, is the white versus cream battle. Ugh, what have I done to myself?!

Hoping to make myself feel a little better I pulled out a piece of the crib (oh yeah, we bought that too – more on that soon!) to see how far off those whites were:


This definitely made me feel a little better. If those colors are just a step away on the white paint chart, then it shouldn’t be THAT noticeable, right?!

Pride can be a terrible thing. Right now, my pride is forcing me to keep this rug that’s not quite right, and basically plan an entire nursery around it. Haha. Yikes!

Here’s my new color scheme…which of course I’m combining with white, navy, grey, and the light blue of the walls.


Here goes nothing!