A Skirt, a Frame, a Sham, a Shame…

A lot of updates have happened in the bedroom since you saw it last!

Just to properly humiliate myself over my untidy (pre-blog conception) photos, let’s take another look at the last update I posted when the window frames went from red to white.


It’s tough to tell in this picture, but there is no bed skirt on the bed frame yet. Just a lovely bare box spring hanging out for all the world to see. The picture below tells a better story. IMG_20140226_155816a


Luckily, the bedskirt came in the mail while I was busy painting my cabinets! It was backordered from Pottery Barn and I had been waiting for months! The comforter, shams, and bedskirt are all part of Pottery Barn’s Pearl Embroidered Collection in Porcelain Blue.

Of course, I couldn’t stand to wait for my back to heal before hauling the mattress off the box spring and leaning it over by the closet doors. My Mom told me later that I could have kept it on, and shimmied the bedskirt up underneath it. Ugh, I’m always making things harder than they have to be! Regardless, the bedskirt was on and it made SUCH a difference!


Did you notice the new pillows on the bed?! My Mom helped me whip these beautiful Euro shams up during the same visit as our bookshelf painting adventure! (We work really hard when she comes to NYC!). :)

She took me fabric shopping (via smartphone – we do this a lot!) and we picked out this colorful cotton duck fabric for her to bring to NYC.


Source: Hobby Lobby

I don’t think we knew it would end up on the bed when we bought it, but now i can’t imagine it anywhere else. These European shams really complete the bed. My husband would say they certainly fill it up…but I really enjoy having that pop of color on the bed. It looks so cozy and polished!

We used a 40% off coupon on the fabric, got 2 Target pillows for under $20, and used fabric we already had for the piping and backing! Overall, we couldn’t have spent more than $35-40? Other Target Euro pillow sets cost $99!

The frames above the bed got a bit of an upgrade too!

While browsing Pottery Barn for DIY ideas and inspiration, I found the most amazing sale section and a frame that I just couldn’t pass up!


A $35 frame marked down to $9.97?! I actually asked the clerk if there was something wrong with it that I wasn’t seeing, and she said, “Not at all! It just arrived off the truck and went straight on clearance.” My lucky day!

Now to figure out where to place it! It sat on the dining room table, as possible artwork to fill the empty void above the table, but ultimately all of the other frames in the living room were black, and I didn’t feel right about adding a brown frame to the mix.

Luckily, the bedroom already had brown frames, so I just swapped it out to see how it would look!


The size of the frame was a perfect centerpiece above the bed, but the burlap mat was pulling focus in a bad way. Nothing else in the room was that color…


It just looked so dark! I decided, that adding a photo might change my mind, so I took off the backing and found the most wonderful surprise:


A white mat! Hooray!! My dilemma was solved!! (Best Pottery Barn Find Ever!!)


Lastly, I must address the curtains…

I’m ashamed to admit, that I’ve been keeping quiet about the fate of my curtains, for a while now.

My Mom and I found these Target curtain panels at a Goodwill for 7-10$ a panel!


Source: Target

They are listed for $25-30 per panel on the website, so we really felt like we were getting a deal!

The only problem was their length. We ended up buying a 3rd panel to add onto the bottom of both the short panels so that they would reach the floor. Then we set out looking for some bias tape that looked similar to the white detail.


Mom worked long and hard putting these curtains together. We hung them on a rod from Home Depot that I found especially attractive, and under 30 dollars!


Source: Home Depot

You already got a sneak peek of them during the bookshelf chronicles


Again, my unkempt bedroom rears its ugly head…


To be honest, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t crazy about them against the green wall. When my husband saw them he asked if we could change them, and since I wasn’t 100% percent on them either, I said yes. We ended up ordering very affordable (and the perfect length) sheers from H&M home. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be available anymore, but they were very basic white sheer curtains for only 19.99 for 2 panels!

I’m still wanting to embellish them with a ribbon or strip of coordinating fabric (from our Euro shams?) to define them a bit more. For now, I love their simple elegance, and the way they feel like they bring more light into the room and yet give us more privacy at the same time.


After Mom worked so hard on the Target panels, I felt terrible that we weren’t using them, and I folded them carefully into a box. Hopefully we can use them when we leave NYC someday. I won’t let those curtains and all that effort go to waste. Sorry Mom!

There you have my bedroom updates! All wrapped up in a Skirt, a Frame, a Sham (or two), and a Shame.

3 thoughts on “A Skirt, a Frame, a Sham, a Shame…

  1. Awesome job on the Master– I was just going to suggest some curtains and a voile underneath. This romanticizes the view out the windows. Double rods help to have blackout curtains “frame” the side and the voile beneath. Love the frames above the bed. How about a rug on either side of the bed?


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