Homes for the Holidays

Just in case any non-NYC residents were feeling sad that they couldn’t run out and do the Elf Walking Tour this weekend, I thought I might share a few Christmas inspiration photos that are completely impossible for me (and the rest of NYC) to emulate any time soon in the current apartment living situation.

As I scanned my “Holly Jolly” board on Pinterest I found myself longingly looking at these gorgeous front doors. I think I’m looking forward to a real front door and front steps, more than I’m looking forward to having a garage and a car. (That will happen, right? I’ll be normal again when we leave this crazy city?)

Tell me these doors don’t make you swoon:


Source: Style Estate

I think I have a soft spot for snow. I found all of those photos more moving than the non-snowy shots.


Source: Small Measure



Then there are these homes that have me itching for storage space for all their luscious wreaths and garlands. With the exception of the first home, my taste leans toward sweet realistic homes that aren’t from the cover of a Pottery Barn catalog. I like to dream, but I need something somewhat tangible!


Source: Pinterest




Source: Ruffled


Source: Pinterest


Source: Midwest Living

Now that I’ve fallen down this rabbit hole of Christmas indulgence I’m afraid I’ll be stuck there all day. It’s all I can do not to go online and find a faux mantle for my living room.

You should know, my stocking are hung by the HVAC unit with “care” (aka cupcake fridge magnets that miraculously keep them from falling off – because we don’t have space for stocking holders).

No really…


Or I’ll just day dream about decorating this guy. I bet he has a mantle or 6 to spare!


Source: New York Social Diary

This weekend we are heading to Connecticut to visit former NYC friends in their new home with their darling new baby. Surely they won’t mind if I bring a garland or two right? Sometimes, a girl just needs to decorate! Wish me luck!

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