Waste Not, Want Not

“If you do not waste anything, you will always have enough.”

I’m not sure this proverb entirely applies to NYC apartment living, but for today it totally applies – so I’m going with it.

Remember when we decided to add our beautiful grey tufted chair?


Well, before it moved in to fill the corner in all its cozy glory, you might remember the awkward little director’s chair that lived there for a little over a year. (It’s way back in that right-hand corner).


Here’s a Christmas close-up from last year.


I knew that my husband would not be on board with a plan that tossed the director’s chair to the curb – mostly because we only bought it a year ago and it was still perfectly good!

The bright blue canvas seat that we purchased in our first month of home ownership was becoming increasingly faded and I needed to find a solution before I could get the final “go ahead” for the new chair. (Talk about motivation!)

I headed to Pinterest to see if I could even find a director’s chair that I found attractive.

These weren’t terrible:


Source: Amazon


Source: Dailycrush.net


Source: Pinterest (and an old Pier1 link)


Source: DomaineHome.com

it was an interesting mix…but ultimately my chair was already black (and painting it seemed like way too much effort) so the neutral cream on black seemed like the classiest (and luckily the simplest) option to me.

The chair was originally purchased at Pier1, so why not start there looking for a new seat?

They had a few decent options. It looked like they carried pure white in the past (according to ebay/amazon)…but I was not lucky enough for that to be a final solution. I tried repeatedly to make the Sand color work (even bringing it home), but it was too brown for the classy look I was hoping to achieve.

I also hunted for other brands of cream canvas director’s chair seats in the perfect size to fit my chair, but this only increased my frustration and made me feel like I was taking a big risk if the seat was too small once it arrived.

Luckily, Mom was coming up for a visit soon, and she saved the day (yet again) by helping me to make a pattern from my old blue seat.

We needed to figure out exactly the length and width we needed to cut the new fabric (brought by mom from Hobby Lobby) so we calculated the old seat’s length and width, added a quarter inch (.25″) on each end for a clean finished edge, and doubled the fabric that was folded over to make the chair frame pockets.

She always does the math in her head, but I do better with diagrams:


Hopefully that makes sense to you. Each line represents additional length you need to add in order to create the right size seat.

The hard part was definitely getting the measurements perfect. Then it was just straight line sewing from there! (Which meant, even I could handle this one without supervision!)

I was pretty nervous when it came time to slip the new cover on, but thankfully it was perfectly taut and looked just as classy as I’d hoped!


The chair now sits in our bedroom across from the bed. I thought it would be a nice place for my husband to sit while he put on his shoes every morning, but it has since become a home for our new throw pillows (more on that tomorrow!)…and he can’t sit in it, because I haven’t made the bed by the time he’s putting his shoes on for work. (Whoops – true confessions…)

I think it works well in the bedroom and is a major improvement from the faded blue seat!  I’m really happy with the chair’s transformation. Now that I know how easy it is to make a new seat, this little chair’s life might just keep getting extended for years to come!


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