Elf: The Unofficial NYC Walking Tour

I was hoping to save this post until a little later in the Christmas season, but after the disgusting weather yesterday I think that all of NYC could use some cheering up…and I hope that this will be just the ticket for some of you!

A few years ago, my brother and sister-in-law were coming to visit me in NYC and I wanted to plan a fun-filled day sharing all the best that NYC had to offer at Christmas. My brother and I both had a special place in our hearts for the movie Elf and after realizing that he explores his way through all the iconic parts of this crazy city, I knew just what to do!

What could be better than experiencing NYC at Christmas through the eyes of Buddy the Elf?!

Smiling's my Favorite

Source: Flamingo Toes

I spent a few days researching via Google Street View locating Buddy’s revolving door, the real Original Ray’s Pizza, and a failed attempt at finding the coffee shop with the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee.” Once I had my locations scouted, I found the route that made the most sense and typed it up with some quotes from the movie (for added cheesiness and holiday spirit of course!).

Here’s what I ended up with:

Elf Walking Tour of NYC

For added convenience, I created a map with the walking routes that make the most logical sense, and include the most Christmas lights!

Elf Tour NYC Map

In case you’d like to zoom in and see more specifics of the walking route, I included the link to the route on Google Maps: Elf Walking Tour of NYC

As you walk down 5th Avenue, try not to be bothered by the crowds. Just follow the tourist march and let their slow pace allow you to soak up all the lights and details that you might have missed otherwise. You cannot miss Bergdorf Goodman’s windows on either side of 5th Avenue! The intricate details will blow your mind!

If you want to tour in true Buddy fashion, these methods are encouraged:

  • Hop your way across the cross walks.
  • Enjoy a round or two in a revolving door…while screaming of course. :)
  • Commit to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup!
    • Maple Syrup on Spaghetti for Breakfast? :/
  • Have a “Santa, I know Him!” moment every time you see a Santa.
  • Spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for ALL to hear!

I think that about covers it!!

Here are is the PDF version of the Tour, in case you want to print it before you go!


Don’t forget your map!

Enjoy :)

7 thoughts on “Elf: The Unofficial NYC Walking Tour

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  3. This is a wonderful idea. I am taking my daughter to NYC for her very first time and she loves the Elf movie! I wish I could download the map w/ directions. Thanks so much!


    • Hi Monica! Thank you for letting me know my link wasn’t working! I think I’ve fixed the problem. Let me know if it works for you! I hope you enjoy the tour! I can’t wait to take my kids on it one day!


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