Breaking my Rules

I can’t believe it! I found the rug!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was hoping to find something neutral, with a subtle pattern that almost looked like a solid, but wasn’t too light to show dirt and spills, and wasn’t too dark to detract from our dark wood floors?

Well, I patiently searched the internet, frequented HomeGoods (more often than somebody with OCD), and watched for sales at West Elm/Pottery Barn/Crate and Barrel. One day, it simply arrived in my inbox. Joss and Main was having a sale on rugs!

Now, I didn’t get too excited right away. I’d seen their rug sales before and nothing had spoken to me yet. Besides, they week-long sales which means buyers don’t have time to receive the items and review their quality or color…and we all know how I feel about that! Risky Business!

I think the thing that changed my mind this time, was showing photos of the rug to my husband. Without a pause he said, “I like it!” Okay, so maybe there was no exclamation in his tone…but I hadn’t heard immediately positive feedback like that…ever? –  and it made me feel desperate to order this rug ASAP!




As you can see, this rug is not neutral. But it IS navy blue and white! It also fits the “small pattern that almost feels like a solid” requirement. It is made of cotton – not any of that indoor/outdoor plastic scratchy stuff. Most importantly, I don’t feel like the pattern is at all trendy or will ever really go out of style.  I’m hoping to use this rug in our home for years to come. (I’m telling my husband it’s an investment (it is!) – he likes those). :)

Another interesting thing to note about Joss and Main is that they like to rename their items so they feel exclusive, when you can in fact find them available all over the internet!

This is important for a few key reasons:

  • You might be able to find reviews of this item on another website.
  • You might be able to find a lower price for this item on another website.
  • If located elsewhere, you don’t feel the pressure to purchase before the flash sale is over, and you are therefore able to make a more logical decision about your purchase.

For instance: They named this item the Asha Rug, and later the Saira Rug. If you search those names on Google, you will not locate this rug. However, when I saved the photos to my computer to upload them to my page, I noticed that two of the photos were not named Saira or Asha – but Safavieh Boston! Google Search that one and this rug pops up on Wayfair, Overstock, and

I wish I had known that when I bought this guy. I purchased under pressure, with no reviews (going against everything I know about online shopping), but thankfully I ended up with a beautiful rug anyway.

We decided to order the 6×9 rug for 245 dollars. I thought that was an excellent deal for a large area rug, especially when I had originally been considering Crate and Barrel rugs for over 700. Of course, tax and shipping added another 30 bucks (oh flash sales and the mistakes I make in moments of desperation), but at 277 I still didn’t feel entirely taken advantage of.

The description did say that a rug pad was recommended (and all my friends know that I’m a rule follower), so I bargain hunted for a decent rug pad and found one I liked on Overstock for 40 dollars. I know that’s more than I could have spent, but I wanted something nice and cozy underfoot and I didn’t want to cheap out on the rug pad when it was “recommended.”

I couldn’t wait for my rug to arrive. I tracked it everyday and once it said it was delivered, I bugged the front desk until I was allowed to haul it upstairs myself. By that time it was dark. I took the hurried photo below on my Android phone (not so high quality), but I think it captures the shaking with excitement, couldn’t even move the other rug out of the way sort of feelings I was dealing with on the night it arrived.


Well, I’ll just tell you. It looked great! It was so soft and cushy, and the perfect color blue! When the rug pad came, all my husband and I wanted to do was hang out on our floor.

So we did…all weekend. IMG_20140214_173453

Does anyone else love Fort Parties?! We do.

I can’t show you many other pictures because so much has happened since, and I want to reveal it all in order! I promise to have better photos by the end of the week!

I think our vacuum might be full of blue fuzz indefinitely, but being able to lay down and read, blog, or watch TV on the floor is well worth piles of blue fuzz to me.

Mission New Rug – Accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Breaking my Rules

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    • Haha thanks! This one was a beast to create and it stayed up about a week longer than it should have because we were too lazy to deconstruct it. Winter feels like perfect fort weather though. I might need to go for round two!

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