Pillow Talk

Who doesn’t love Fridays?!

They’re the gateway to the weekend, the long awaited payday, the happiest day of the week, and my official day to daydream.

For me, this Friday is even more exciting than most. We are leaving for Disney World tonight!

In honor of my favorite Disney commercial, “We’re too excited to sleep!” …

… I give you:

“The Bedrooms that Dreams are Made Of”

(Yeah, I’m a cheese ball, but you probably already knew that).

You should also know that there are a lot of bedrooms to follow…I guess I daydream a little too often.






bedroom 9

bedroom 10

bedroom 11





Whether or not you find these bedrooms as cozy and inspiring as I do, I find collecting images of your favorite rooms can be a really useful tool when you are ready to start decorating.

Look for themes within your collection. Are you drawn to a certain wall color? Patterned or solid fabrics? What about the rugs – do they have anything in common? What styles and periods of furniture you are drawn to?

Once I really break it down, all of these rooms inspire me for different reasons. You can’t always include every element you admire, or your room might feel disjointed and hectic – that’s the last thing we want in a bedroom space.

My daydreamy bedrooms are full of monograms, various shades of the color blue, matchstick blinds and roman shades, and throw pillows – LOTS of throw pillows. If you’re curious, the sources for all of these photos can be found on my Pinterest Page. (Many are catalog shots for linen companies…hence the mountains of pillows and blankets).

I’m taking a break from blogging during the family vacation, but I’ll be back on Halloween with some fun and festive treat ideas!

Until then, may your week and weekend be sweet and restful – and may you be surrounded by mountains of throw pillows!

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