DIY: Storage On Wheels

Every so often, some random treasure comes into my life because my mom was just sure I needed it.  I’m not always sure it’s a treasure right away, but time and time again her talents have been proven – and her intentions are always golden.

This DIY project came to me in the form of two dusty wooden boxes.  The stain was a beautiful rich cherry, and the construction was solid. If you overlooked the fact that 7 of 8 sides were completely stained, and only 4 of 8 sides were varnished – they were perfect! I had no idea what I was going to do with these guys, but they were free, and I liked the idea of storage solutions that weren’t collapsible or plastic.

This is best “before” shot I can find of these guys.

As with most of my early projects, I wasn’t really into taking pictures of the ugly (ahem…less than ideal) pieces and I only snapped photos after all the work was done.


See what I did there? I shamelessly attempted to draw your attention away from the hideous and poorly thought out background. I’m choosing to think of it as bravely going against the social media stereotype that we are all trying to project “perfect” images of ourselves and the things we do via the internet. (Note: crooked lampshade, ugly cords, most awkward lamp placement ever – yeah you already saw all that, didn’t you?).

At any rate, someone put some love and elbow grease into these guys and I was willing to give them a chance and add a little elbow grease of my own.

My biggest issue with these boxes was their mobility. They were sitting on my freshly re-finished wood floors, holding a ton of leftover wedding alcohol, and there was no way I could carefully pick them up and pull them out to…well, get any alcohol out! You see my problem, right?

Obvious solution: Let’s add wheels!

I saw these on Serena and Lily and I knew I had found my inspiration!


Then I checked out Pinterest to make sure I wasn’t making a huge mistake – this is a regular part of my DIY/Design process.  Occasionally, the DIY projects you see online make you realize exactly why you should pay the big bucks and not risk the DIY at all.

Luckily, this time my confidence was bolstered! I could do this!

I actually found some orange wheels on Home Depot’s website, but I talked myself out of them (not wanting to add another color into an already confused palette of blue, green, and random bits of red) and into this nice oil rubbed bronze design.


They were 5.97 for a pack of 2, so that made my total investment under 25 dollars! (Yes, I did use a calculator that, thank you very much).

The bottom sides of my boxes were not very well reinforced, so I was taking a big risk by letting the weakest part of the box hold the weight of all that alcohol. I made sure to drill my casters only into the solid wood, leaving the 4th hole empty. This also prevented a random screw from sticking into the middle of the box.

IMG_1827 IMG_6558

You can see how thin the wood on the bottom of the box really was!

Here’s the finished product!


Luckily, when I loaded all the bottles in, the box and casters held (and continue to hold)!

Mom thinks I should add padded lids that would allow these guys to be used as extra seating for parties. It’s hard to explain that the technicality of living one subway stop into “Queens” keeps most of our friends away (Just Kidding! …kinda).  I guess we will have to drink a lot more alcohol before we can fit a lid on these…which generally brings more friends around! That seems like a win-win situation to me!

For now, this inherited table will serve as our makeshift bar, until we find a better use – or can’t stand the sight of it anymore!


Adding 24 dollars in wheels to these 3 dollar boxes (Thanks Goodwill!) immediately made them more interesting with a higher-end look and feel. It’s so easy to vacuum around them too!  I’m still thinking about adding a stencil to make them even more closely resemble the $118-$250 crates from Serena and Lily, but for now – I’m just tickled with them.

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