The Bathroom is a Bore

Can we be real for a minute? These bathroom updates, though quick and easy…aren’t exactly the projects that get me up and excited to write a blog post in the morning.

I think the problem is that my bathroom is brown. Technically it’s “Toasted Wheat” by Behr, but really it’s a tan brown. Brown, does not inspire me. Brown…reminds me of poop. There – I said it. But seriously!! Who designed 500 apartment units to have brownish pink tile in the shower and on the floors?! Who thought that was a good idea?!

I’m glad I got that off my chest.

The only advantage to having 500 other ugly brown bathrooms in your 15-year-old building, is that quite a few owners have already found ways to improve or remove this feature entirely. Street Easy was a helpful resource as I searched past sales and found the most transformed bathrooms in the building.



I may have mentioned before, that I am the dreamer in this relationship.  After seeing these photos, I knew there was hope for our bathroom. Certainly, that hope comes in the form of tens of thousands of dollars, but maybe…possibly…someday..our bathroom could look like one of these!

Unfortunately, after a down payment on the apartment, closing costs, and all the work we had done to make this place inhabitable, our bank accounts were feeling pretty taken advantage of. Just to add to the excitement, our wedding was only 2 months away.

Needless to say, a gut renovation of the bathroom was NOT an option.

So what were my budget options for this bad boy, really?

Day 1: Bathroom -Check out all the Mildew!!! Gross!

Option 1: A paint job that neutralizes the tile work:

Simultaneously, adding more brown to the least attractive room in the house – hooray? :/



Option 2: Add a shower curtain to distract and brighten:

(Shower curtains always feel like instant wallpaper to me).


This photo was taken while I waited for the movers to bring up our furniture. I really couldn’t wait to put this guy up.


Option 3: Find an adorable (and affordable) bath mat.

More specifically: nothing too white to remind you that everything in your bathroom is beige and brown, can’t be too girly to keep your husband happy, must be just girly enough to make you happy.


Added NYC Bonus Option: Carry bath mat home in the snow and freezing temperatures. Bag rips. Slip and fall. Contemplate catching a cab. Realize cost of cab essentially doubles cost of “affordable” bath mat. Feel defeated. Get seat on subway (possibly due to the crazy lady look on your face – who cares?!). Declare the day a win.

CHECK – to all of that.

Option 4: Update basic bathroom hardware

Again, simultaneously adding MORE brown – you’d think I like it or something!



So, that’s it for now. Brown on brown – I know.

I can’t really get rid of the brown until we get rid of the tile – and I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future.

I’d also love to update the light fixture, but as it is connected to our mirror and functions as our primary bathroom storage, I feel like replacing it wouldn’t be that simple or cost effective. I do have plans for making some changes that I’m hoping will bring those lights into the 21st century at least.

You might notice some art and other colorful details that I’ll update you on soon. But for now, I’ve had enough of this brown bathroom – haven’t you?!


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