Top Ten on 10/10 @ 10!

I was planning on writing this post about updating my bathroom fixtures…but since I realized it’s posting at 10am on October 10th I feel like I should do some sort of countdown or top 10 list! I’m a little tentative (pun intended) because all of my posts have been tracking my apartment updates so far, but maybe it’s time that you see a little inspiration for what I’m hoping my apartment can become in the not so distant future. Even I find my current photos less than inspiring! :/

As I attempted to narrow down my top ten photos for the whole apartment, I realized I had so many favorites that I should probably share 10 per room, rather than 10 for the whole apartment. So I did.

Without further ado, here are my Top Ten Living Room Inspirations!

~ ONE ~


This room feels so peaceful, but with interesting pieces that aren’t your cookie cutter shapes and styles. Most favorite piece in the room is the light fixture! It’s a small space, so it feels like something I could actually accomplish in a NYC apartment.

~ TWO ~


This is just so fun and fresh! My husband loves bright colors (thank goodness), so working toward this happy and bright combination would be ideal. I also love the way you just want to hop into the picture and curl up on that window seat! I guess cozy and inviting are good words for what I’m hoping to accomplish.



Another lantern – I guess they inspire me. :) I’d love to add banquet near the opening to our kitchen someday.

~ FOUR ~


This picture oozes happiness. I love the throw pillow combinations, and the coffee table decor. My husband hates “stuff” so we won’t have this many knickknacks, but I might need a DIY “hello” pillow!

~ FIVE ~


I’d love to install built-in bookshelves on the wall where the tv is! I’m not sure if it would close in on our already narrow apartment, but I think it would draw the eye up and show off our high (popcorn – ugh) ceilings. I especially love the blue paint that makes the books pop. How about that ladder!

~ SIX ~


I love the lightness of this room. It’s more a neutral palette than we are going for, but I adore the striped stools, the fun chandelier and the coffee table.



There’s so much fun layering of patterns happening in this photo! As always, I love the ikat (it’s becoming a theme in my home) and all the details seem just right.



Oh, to have an open living room/kitchen!! Some of our neighbors have opened theirs up…but I’m not sure it’s worth losing some vital cabinet storage. We certainly don’t have room for an island like this – but isn’t it pretty? That’s what inspiration is all about, right?

~ NINE ~


Cozy is the keyword again here. I’d love to have chair ideal for curling up with a good book. Notably, this house has no rug and only a few accessories. I think that’s pretty impressive for the amount of coziness it’s throwing at me.

~ TEN ~


I’m a sucker for rich wood tones paired with neutral colors. These floors are to die for and I love the transom between the living and dining room. Love the lamp, love the pillows, love the grey door, love the dining room chairs…LOVE IT ALL!

You can find the original sources for these photos on my Pinterest page TickledinNYC.

These are the photos that keep me going as I’m constantly attempting to beautify my little shoebox in NYC. It’s nice to have them all collected in one spot now. I wish I had done this sooner!

Happy Friday!

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