DIY Scrabble Magnets

Do you ever find yourself in the mood to create something? I get especially antsy if it’s been a while since my last DIY project. Sometimes I can feed my craving with Pinterest, baking something fun, shopping, or coloring a picture (don’t laugh). But other times, I need to create something truly tangible. I need to get out scissors and glue and have a final product that I’m proud of. I needed to be CRAFTY!


I’d been actively working on creating low cost artwork for our apartment ever since we moved in.  Our wedding took place a couple months after moving in, and our home was quickly becoming a wedding photo gallery/shrine to our kissing faces. I needed something new to look at and FAST!

I tried writing words of inspiration on the chalkboard door, but that only got scoffs from the hubby. You might notice he wrote his own inspirational words on the outer border of the door. (Hey, if that’s what you need to see before heading out for your day – who am I to judge?)

IMG_20130624_104438 We both got sick of the busy words after a while and I decided we needed some interactive art. I’d seen word magnets on my friends’ fridges for years, but I was looking for something a little classier – and something I could create myself.

I considered painting some alphabet magnets like these, but they still felt like kiddy magnets to me. I stumbled across some Scrabble magnets on Etsy and I knew they were the perfect choice! My husband and I love board games. What a fun way to tie that playfulness into our home!

I could have purchased an Etsy pre-made set for 30 dollars (plus shipping), but I knew Mom and I could find a couple Scrabble games at a thrift store for under a dollar each. My current Scrabble game only cost me 25 cents – and it even had all it’s letters! Once I had my little wooden tiles in hand, I headed to Michaels in search of adhesive magnets.

My original plan involved cutting one of those long magnetic strips into a million separate pieces, until I found this 40 piece pack of squares that seemed a perfect fit for my tiles for 3.99!


I needed two and half packs (100 tiles) and used simple desk scissors to trim any excess magnet that overlapped the edges of my tiles. From start to finish, this project took me less than 30 minutes – and I was being picky about the magnet trimming.

Lately we’ve used them to welcome guests, add some holiday cheer, or just to make each other laugh with an unexpected word or phrase. It’s such an easy and inexpensive craft that we plan on having fun with for a long time!


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