A Functional Foyer

Living in an apartment building you really can’t do much to change your front door. No wreaths, no welcome mats, no bright fun welcoming colors…you have the leave it exactly the way you found it – ugly brown with dingy yellow trim – lovely.

So I figured, I’d just have to make my welcoming impression from the inside. I needed to create an entryway to make my coming and going a little better and brighter everyday.

Yes, I know that my 700 square foot apartment does not have a “foyer” – nor does it allow me to fulfill my dream of this or this, and certainly not this – I could go for days about dreamy foyers.

In reality I knew my best shot was attempting to create the downsized version of this:


My biggest challenge was the large bulkhead closing in the space where my light fixture would go. I didn’t want my fixture to look too tiny, or be too large for the space and appear smushed.

(A matching apt unit – the only photo of the foyer without any updates).

I asked my mom to keep an eye out for an appropriately sized fixture on her thrift store hunts and she delivered (as usual) with this 5 dollar beauty.


Since spray painting in my living room (or on my roof, or sidewalk, or park) isn’t really feasible or appreciated by my condo board, my Dad generously offered to give this guy a  generous coating with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. (Have I mentioned lately, that my parents are the BEST?!)

I couldn’t wait for this little guy to arrive! Dad shortened the chain to two links for me after I measured the length of the ceiling to the bottom of the bulkhead. We tried to match the bottom of the fixture to just below the bottom of the bulkhead.

It was relatively easy to install, although I remember taking advantage of resting the fixture on the sprinkler when my arms got tired. I also recommend investing in some safety goggles. I bought some for this installation after my last light fixture swap left me with fiberglass and popcorn ceiling in my eyes.

I made sure to wrap the wires around the ceiling bracket (to hold the majority of the weight), but I was still worried about the fixture holding to the ceiling with just the two small screws that hold the disk in place. I held my breath and let go, and it hasn’t fallen down yet! (That’s a success in my book). I’d still like to add a ceiling medallion, but I’m afraid it might call too much attention to our popcorn up there.


The door sweeps too low for a cute welcome mat, so I settled for this cute indoor/outdoor runner I found online at Garnet Hill.

My husband purchased the narrow wooden cabinet for more cupboard space in his last kitchen. Turns out, it couldn’t be better suited for catching our mail and keys in our narrow little “foyer.” :)


The mirror is the perfect way to bounce some extra light around and make our apartment feel a little bigger right as you walk in. It’s also handy to double-check your face and hair right before you head out. I’ve even seen my husband use it. :)

I recently added a handy purse hook (since I seem to drop it on the floor there everyday anyway – as seen with red tote bag above). I’m quite happy with my how my teeny little entry turned out. I still daydream of fancier light fixtures, but for 5 dollars, this one really can’t be beat.  I’ll invest my home improvement money elsewhere for now. So much more to do!


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