Furniture Fundamentals

Moving Day is always stressful. Ours was extra tedious because we had freshly re-finished floors and technically were supposed to be functioning in “socks-only” mode. We all know how well that went over with movers and how “gentle” they were pushing our stuff around the apt. Ugh.

I did my best to help them out by planning out where every piece would go:

furniture floor plan

The red and white boxes are the furniture items that the movers were in charge of bringing into the apartment. I think they were trying to be careful, but we ended up with more than a few scrapes and mars on our brand new floors. Luckily our contractor felt bad for us and agreed to see if he could buff them out.

The image above shows white box items, which we already own and are fine for now.

The red box items are pieces I want to replace:

  • My husband’s dresser: a Craigslist find years prior, now falling apart.
  • Our glass coffee table: also a Craigslist find, we bang our shins on it regularly.
  • Free glass top table: discovered in our apt on move-in day, plastic legs attached to glass with suction cups (classy)
  • Former Pantry: actually a media cabinet with a glass door (that falls out on occasion), particle board and falling apart.

The green boxes are items I want to acquire (the word “buy” terrifies my husband):

  • A chair for the corner of our living room
  • A new nightstand for my side of the bed
  • A kitchen table and chairs: so we can eat like adults (imagine that!)
  • A rug for the living room
  • A rug for the bedroom
  • Bar stools: to make our kitchen cutout more functional and appealing
  • A hamper for our bedroom: I’m over that collapsible spring thing designed for a college dorm
  • A Headboard and bed frame for our bed: right now the mattress and box spring are on the floor – again working on moving into adulthood here.

Ignoring my better judgement I’ve decided to share a few (truly terrible) photos of our apartment shortly after moving day:

Week 2: Living RoomIMG_0205

As you can (barely) see, this was before Mom helped me rearrange things to make a bit more sense. We don’t have the desk in the corner or the chaise lounge on the right end of the sectional. The only positive thing I can think of, is that the apartment actually looks a lot larger with our furniture in it. When does that EVER happen?!

This next photo is even worse. I’m warning you – Brace Yourself!


Admit it. That is a pretty cringe-worthy bedroom. It’s about the farthest thing from serenity that I can imagine. As you can see, we have a LONG way yet to go – and I still had a wedding to finish planning before I could really tackle the fun stuff.

Thanks to Mom and Dad we “acquired” a few free items by driving back to NYC following the wedding. They graciously donated/re-gifted/let us borrow:

  • An antique flip top extendable game table (dining table to us)
  • A new living room lamp
  • A sisal rug
  • Some intriguing wooden storage boxes (more to come on those later)
  • A few throw pillows (my husband’s favorite – yeah right!)
  • Some framed artwork and empty frames for me to play with
  • My pink KitchenAid mixer, and a wide variety of items I left at their house over the years…thanks Mom and Dad.

That left our apartment looking like this:


Whoa. I’m glad those days are over.

I’m promise it will get better soon! More projects and DIY adventures to come!

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