Listy McListerson

I happen to LOVE making lists and checking them off along the way – see photo of my planner during moving week below.


I thought it might be helpful to see a list of all my ideas and goals for our apartment separated room by room. A few things are already checked off!

  • Entire Apartment
    • Refinish and stain parquet floors
    • Replace light switch and outlet faceplates
    • Update all door knobs with oil rubbed bronze knobs.
    • Add shelves and striped paint to linen closet
  • Entry
    • Remove popcorn ceiling from ductwork near door.
    • Replace light fixture
    • Paint back of front door with chalkboard paint
    • Replace closet doors
    • Replace closet door hardware
    • Add welcome mat or runner
  • Living Room
    • Remove popcorn ceiling
    • Add crown molding
    • Upgrade baseboards
    • Paint red window casing white
    • Replace non-functioning blinds
    • Add window treatment/valance
    • Add area rug to separate living/dining space
    • Upgrade HVAC unit
    • Create desk/office area for filing and printer
    • Add swag light over table/eating area
    • Add chair for reading corner
    • Add bookshelves for storage
    • Add bar area for all our wedding liquor
  • Kitchen
    • Cover hideous floor with sticky floor tiles
    • Upgrade refrigerator to stainless steel
    • Upgrade countertops
    • Upgrade builder grade sink
    • Add backsplash
    • Paint cabinets (Rustoleum Kit?)
    • Install microwave over stove
    • Remove popcorn ceiling
    • Change out cabinet hardware
    • Update overhead light fixture
    • Add under cabinet lighting
    • Open up kitchen to living room by removing partial wall.
    • Decorate blue wall (add artwork/shelves)
  • Bedroom
    • Remove popcorn ceiling
    • Add crown molding
    • Upgrade baseboards
    • Replace closet doors
    • Replace closet door hardware
    • Paint red window casing white
    • Replace leaking HVAC unit
    • Upgrade blinds
    • Add window treatments
    • Add rug under bed
    • Add headboard/bed frame
    • Add artwork
  • Bathroom
    • Remove popcorn ceiling
    • Paint walls to make tile blend with rest of room
    • Upgrade shower curtain rod to oil rubbed bronze
    • Upgrade sink hardware to oil rubbed bronze
    • Upgrade toilet flush to oil rubbed bronze
    • Replace mirror cabinet/hollywood light fixture
    • Touch up bathtub with Porcelain paint.
    • Switch door swing direction for additional bathroom storage space
    • Add cute bath mat
    • Add hooks and art
    • Eventually update vanity for more counter space
    • Get a new toilet seat and lid
  • WAY in the Future:
    • Redesign bathroom: new tile, new shower, new everything
    • Move kitchen stove away from corner and fridge to opposite corner of kitchen
    • Replace parquet floors with new hardwoods and level off contours of floor
    • Replace bedroom and bathroom doors with higher quality wooden doors and casings
    • Find a way to have a nursery in this apartment (linen closet nook?)

I’m sure this will be an ever evolving list with new ideas and bigger dreams down the road. I hope to update and repost this list every time I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done or our plans have majorly changed.

Is there anything you would add to my list? Anything you would leave off?

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